Some sports are open for all that don’t have any Gender or Age boundary.

One of the most glamorous worlds is sports. It is not rare that the fan of sports is not available. We all are fond of this. And, if we look at the history, the gaming or sporting session started its journey a long while ago that is beyond our imagination. Till now, we have come up with thousands of types of sports. Few of them are for national use, and few are those who became international. We all can do some sports by being regardless of our gender, age, and other factors PG

Here are some sports which any of us can play for both leisure time and keep body fit.


Cricket has a broad historical background. And it is also an international game. We can barely find a person who did not play cricket in his childhood. Today cricket has that much popularity that we can see many women tournaments around the world. Cricket is not only a game of a bat and ball, but It also requires plenty of mental and physical workouts. So, if you are eager to keep your body fit and sharpen your intellectual sites, you can quickly go for cricket. The most crucial point of this game is it requires an open space as it is an outdoor game.


It often happens that we suddenly hear the sound “goal” with a lot of joyous moments. The game is football that is another most popular game in the world. From the very beginning of this game, people became fans of this game. In building the shape of the body, playing this game tremendously works. Not only tricks to kick the ball are here, but plenty of body moves and workouts are also available. Football can be an ideal choice to lose your extra body fat and extend your calibers.


Swimming is not just a game or sport, and it is an excellent lifesaver during an accident in a river or any other water source. However, if you know how to swim, you are nothing but a real gainer. When a person swims, a part of the body is barely left to move. Not only our outer parts but also our inner organs become healthy. Swimming is an excellent exercise for our lungs since we are controlling our inhalation process. It improves the calibers of the lungs. About losing your weight, daily 30 mins of swimming can assist you to lose your weight drastically. 


Early in the 18th century, British officers used to play this game on the land of India. Nonetheless, the history of this game is older than that. This sport also requires heavy teamwork of two people. Team members need to practice both mental and physical workouts. The most positive factor of this game is it requires very little space to play and simple instruments. People of all ages can play this game, and practicing badminton will help you end up with a profoundly fit body shape.

If you do not like one of those sports, you can still be healthy and well by other workouts like walking, jogging, and many more.


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