Rank Your Website Top in Google with These Magical Tips

As a blogger, everyone dreams of ranking top in the search engine. But dreaming only won’t do a thing. One has to work hard with a solid strategy. Besides, they also need to consider all the ranking factors too. For example, these factors should be in consideration:

Place Keywords in the Right Places

You already know about keywords since you are trying to rank your website. Now, you need to use your keyword multiple times on the webpage that you want to rank. But you have to place keywords right places so that Google can rank your page. Where are those right places? Well, make sure your keyword appears once in the title of your webpage. At the same time, you should also add your keyword to the URL. Besides, it’s mandatory to place in the first 100 words of your content. That would be enough because overuse of keywords will result in keyword stuffing and will impact your site negatively.

Keep Visitors Longer in Your Site / Prevent Pogosticking

What’s pogo-sticking anyways? For those who don’t know, it’s a term that refers to when a visitor enters your site and then presses the back button and goes to the Google search result because he hasn’t found anything useful; it’s pogo-sticking. Now, pogosticking sends a direct message to Google that your site doesn’t contain useful information for users, and that’s why Google down-rank your site. However, to prevent this and rank high on Google, you must create engaging content so that people can stay longer on your site. You can use lots of bullets and subheadings on your site, which makes content easier to read. And when your content is easier to read, people will spend more time reading your content.

Use Suggested Keywords More

Most bloggers don’t know suggested keywords are way more important for a site’s rankings. That’s because those are the totally raw stuff that people have searched on the search engine. And if you use them on the site, google will display your site when people search those keywords. At the same time, this approach is not limited to Google only. You can use that with platforms like other search engines, Wikipedia, YouTube, and others as well.

Get Rid of the Zombie Pages

Another term for you is “Zombie Pages”, which refers to those pages on your website that don’t bring any traffic but are still there. Those pages don’t contribute a thing to your site, but they make your website rank down since. I have two examples for you. One popular eCommerce site got a 31% boost in traffic because they have removed all the zombie pages from their site. On the other hand, Proven.com is also a well-known site that has got an 81% boost in organic traffic because it got rid of all zombie pages. Not to mention their revenue has increased dramatically.

Industry Study

Want to be higher ranked in Google? You definitely need backing. How to get them from news and authority sites? The simple answer is publishing industry study. And a lot of SEO services and bloggers are talking about this a lot.


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