Mastering Long Distance Moves; Tips To Survive The Process

Moving from one home to another in the same town can sometimes feel like a stressful process.

When it comes to moving from one side of the US to another, that is a new challenge altogether! Whether you are moving for a new job, to be with family, or simply to get a fresh start, a long-distance move is something that will require planning, money and (more than anything) patience to ensure it goes off without a hitch – or at least as few hitches as possible.

Luckily, here are some tips to help you master that upcoming long-distance move.

Get Estimates

First things first, have a look around your home and consider the bits you will be taking and the bits you will be selling, giving to friends, and so on. Then get estimates from moving companies. Ensure to look for a long distance moving company like Father and Son, who have experience in the field of long-distance moves and can offer you a set price.


Going back to the idea of selling furniture items, before a long-distance move, you need to declutter your home as much as possible. Don’t leave this to the last minute, as you may forget items and belonging that have sentimental value.

Be sure to earmark items that you want to take, sell, or give away, as well as items that are no longer needed. It can be worth having a garage sale for all of your unwanted items a few weeks before you go, to make sure that they are gone and to give you a bit of money too.


It sounds tedious, but there is some logic to it – primarily, so you won’t forget anything! It is worth writing down the items that you want to take and then checking that they are removed or shipped on the moving day itself. This will help you to keep track of where everything is and will help you to assess which items can be sent to your new address, sent to storage or placed in the moving van.

Ship (if needed)

Only ship items if you need to. These can be items that there may not be room for in your car or the moving van, but you want to keep. If you have family in the state you are moving to, it can be a better option to ship to their address, so you can send the items weeks in advance and they will be kept somewhere safe.

Make A Long Trip Bag

Finally, you will need to pack a bag for yourself and your family. If you’re driving out by car, make sure you have snacks, water, iPads, or books to keep everyone busy. If you are driving out with pets, make sure they are secured in cages, have water and food, and are covered to keep them cool. If you have dogs, make sure you make stops along the way for them to stretch their legs and go to the toilet.


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