Common Queries That Comes To Us About commercial cleaning services

It is quite obvious that when you are looking for someone to take care of the place that you love so much and the people you love so much that there have to be a lot of questions. We understand and appreciate your concerns so here we are letting you know the answers to the most common queries that we are asked about commercial cleaning services.

What Is The Reason That The Professionals Clean?

Well, the commercial cleaning services require professionals to take good care of you and your loved ones. Our professionals are very well trained for this reason and we are concerned about your safety so this works best.

Is There A Need To Sign Some Sort Of Contract?

Yes, we keep a maintenance agreement for our services. This is what we do in Clean Group and the good part is that it is non-binding. If you wish to terminate our services then you can do so by giving us a notice 30 days prior and we would consider that. We never force our clients to do something that they do want to and bind them forever. So, this means even if the contract is flexible ad you will not get bind for anything but you have to give notice.

What Should Be The Expectations Before The Cleaning Begins?

There are no heavy tasks that you have to do. It is only when you sign up with us, that we will ask you to give us the billing information that we require and then you will be asked to sign the maintenance agreement that we talked about. This is all that you have to do which is extremely easy and will not consume much of your time.

What All Can The Professionals Not Clean?

In case you are a restaurant then we would like to inform you that we are not trained nor equipped to clean all those kitchen equipment so that you use on your daily bases. However, if the restaurant is not your concern then you will be happy to note that we clean everything else other than the part we mentioned. These are some service questions that we are asked very frequently. The other set of questions is about the profession itself. This has been addressed to give you an idea of what you are getting into and then accordingly you can sign if you want.

Please Address The Difference Between The Commercial Cleaning Service And The Domestic

There are two major types when it comes to cleaning. This includes the commercial cleaning service and the domestic cleaning. The commercial cleaning service deals with the cleaning of the office or schools while the domestic one is more about the cleaning of the home. Home cleaning is when you want your house cleaned to a notch. Both the services include precautionary safety.

What Exactly Is The Commercial Cleaning Contract And How Does It Work?

A commercial cleaning service contract is a type of agreement which is short and is done between the cleaning company and the client who is seeking the service. It is nothing but official information about the payments, the time, the services included and the mutual talk that might have been between the two parties alone.

What Is The Charge Of Commercial Cleaning Service?

The price does not define the quality that we will offer for the services. The cost actually depends on the area, the requirements and other such things and it vary from the company to company so the average in terms of price is not something that is easy to give because it is not much that the price can speak when it comes to the services.

However, the pricing system that usually a lot of commercial cleaning service is done is by the hour. However, this hour charge depends on certain things like the type of machines that get used including the tools as well as the chemicals. It also depends on the years of experience as well as the reputation that the company holds. The other things that matter include the tax as well as the insurance cover that is there and also the trial period if any. If we are to talk about our charging rate then we may charge $35-$55 per hour.

Is It Really Worthy To Get That Commercial Cleaning Service?

Yes, we are continuously working and have no time to get our surroundings cleaned. This leads to the gathering of a lot of dust, germs, bacteria and viruses and this adversely affects the health of the people who live there and this is why a lot of people fall sick. If the people keep falling sick then the work will come to halt and you will experience some serious loss. We are a trusted and very reliable commercial cleaning service source and therefore our services are known. We use the top-rated products in our cleaning and provide you with professional cleaners which is why you will get the best service worth the money.

What All Gets Included In The Deep Cleaning?

This service is very similar to the commercial cleaning service. Deep cleaning is an advanced form of commercial cleaning service. It refers to extreme and thorough cleaning of the office so that you breathe in clean and safe surroundings. The commercial cleaning service is what most companies require but it is different for different companies and is different as offered by different companies.

You can also get your place cleaned by us and can enjoy the clean environment and good mood. This ensures that you do not compromise the health of your employees at any level and are free from any infection and contamination that can be there in offices. Make sure you give importance to cleaning because this is what a lot of companies lack and this is what leads to some serious illnesses. So, be safe and make your company safe.


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