Martial art is not an Art Only,it is More Than Self-Defense Tools.

The defense may sound violent, but it doesn’t mean violence until we create one. Who does not require protection? We all are in the pool of reasons, like our home defends us from the climate outside. Our foods protect us by building fuel for our bodies. The defense system of a country supports us from the outer effects. Hence, the defense does not always refer to violence.

However, self-defense is quite vital in our personal life since we can’t ignore the crime ratio at all. So, here are the best martial arts that one can learn and apply if needed.



According to Wothappen If we count taekwondo as just a martial art, it will be a huge mistake. It is more than that. Of course, for centuries, it has defended people from sudden accidents or crimes. But today, it belongs to the book where the names of sports exist. Besides having many proper self-defense techniques, it is competent to make our body shaped and fit. If you are a fan of leg movements or kicks, you may join your nearest taekwondo club. Indeed, within a year, you will see yourself as a fit person with incredible kicking styles.



Karate has a relatively decent historical background. Unlike taekwondo, it prepares a person to learn movements of both hands and legs. The birthplace of the well-known martial Art is Ryukyu. It has another name which is Karate-Do. If you fall in trouble on our pathway and 4-5 unlawful is surrounding you, you can easily defeat the proper use of this martial art’s techniques.


Krav Maga

Krav Maga is another fighting or defending tool which was born in Israel. The entire design of this martial art is just like a blend of other martial arts. A few years back, it was for military use, but today it is open for all to learn. It also has an excellent reputation for being lethal. Moreover, the techniques are pretty efficient and praiseworthy. Only 50 days of practicing Krav Maga can save you from minor, unlawful street acts. And about shaping the body, it works enormously.



In 1882 a person from Japan named Kano Jigoro had discovered the pathway of Judo. The ultimate mission behind this discovery was to turn unfit mental and physical circumstances into betterment. However, today we can experience this martial art as a game. Moreover, it belongs to the list of Olympic games. In the case of self-defense, Judo can be an ideal choice for both males and females.



We can barely find one person who is not aware of boxing. Around the globe, boxing has significant fame as both self-defense acts and sports. If you are a fan of punching, you can join any gym where boxing is available. The workout is not only for hand; it will surely help you to build your whole body.


Martial arts can be a great practice people can do in their daily life. And the most important words are, we should never use the techniques until we need indeed.


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