How to move without stress and loss

As a rule, moving from one apartment to another is stressful for most people and involves significant time and financial expenses. Packing things, finding a way to transport them, loading and unloading – no wonder many people put off moving to the last minute because they don’t want to organize this process.

To move without stress and unnecessary costs, we recommend using the services of a professional moving company –

Record the amount of work in writing

It is worth planning the upcoming move in advance, as well as taking into account the number of rooms in both apartments and the approximate number of items that need to be moved. This will allow you to understand whether you can handle the move yourself or will have to involve companies providing services for packing, loading and unloading things.

Estimate how many trips are planned for the move.

Large furniture and appliances should be transported first, followed by clothing, dishes, furnishings, household and household sundries.

Prepare packaging for things

You can use the usual cardboard boxes as packaging: from the largest for appliances and clothing to the smallest for various small items. To avoid scratching the items you can wrap them in bubble wrap. In addition, such a film does not let moisture pass through.

In order not to create chaos when searching for necessary things in the new apartment, putting in boxes the contents of each room should be numbered. For example: living room – number 1, children’s room – number 2, bedroom – number 3, etc.

You should also consider whether all things are worth carrying. As a rule, over time, people accumulate a stock of unused or unused appliances and things. For example, old televisions, vacuum cleaners, and more. It’s worth sorting through your pantry to determine which things can be thrown away. In general, you should do a sorting exercise to figure out which things you should definitely take with you and which you should throw away, give away, or sell.

Large items first, then small items

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Large items should be secured with special straps before transporting them. To prevent things from getting damaged, you can put soft objects between them: things, cushions, carpets, and so on. It is important to immediately determine which boxes should be placed in which room (if they are numbered, it is not difficult).

If you’re moving into a new home, it’s likely that your fragile belongings will need to be packed carefully and transported in an efficient manner. This can be a tricky process and frustrating for both the packers and their clients. For this purpose art shipping companies are trained to handle delicate items with care, ensuring that they arrive safely at their destination. They also know how to pack items so they won’t break during transit.

Upholstered furniture should be packed in covers or at least covered with a blanket – in this case the furniture should be tied with a rope so that when loading it remains closed.

Meeting the move

If the apartment you plan to move into is free – there will be no problems with the transportation of things. However, in some cases, you have to wait until the apartment is vacated by other tenants. In this case, storage services for personal belongings can help. Service workers will help pack, load, move your belongings, and then place them in storage. You can access your belongings in your personal account on the website or in the service’s app, which also allows you to return things back.

Calculate the weight of the box

The weight of a box of things should not exceed 30 kg. Since weighing such boxes is not easy, you can use the “rule of thumb”: if the box cannot be moved with your thumb, it is worth unloading it a little. When packing books, make sure that the height of the pile does not exceed 45 cm.

Keep all documents in one place

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It is better to keep documents in one folder and keep them with you, so that you have access to them at the right moment. By the way, the same applies to valuable items (jewelry, memorabilia) – it is better to pack them in one box and take them with you as hand luggage.

Make sure there are no unpaid bills in the old apartment

It’s worth checking your Internet and TV bills, and sometimes your home phone bill. To avoid unpleasant surprises and inconvenience to the new tenants, it is better to take care in advance to terminate the relevant contracts.


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