How to Make Your Extra Kitchen Space Into a Home Office with a Hutch for Desk

Many kitchens come with a small nook or extra counter space with seating that can be used as a mini home office. Whether your kitchen has this unique feature or not, you can still use a small space in your kitchen to have a home office. This allows you to watch food as you are cooking it and multi-task. 

Here are some tips for making your kitchen nooks into a fully functional home office. 

Get a Small Desk 

If you don’t have some low counter space where you can add a chair, you will need to get a desk to put into the nook of the kitchen. Consider getting a nice hutch for desk to give you more storage space. You don’t want to have to use kitchen cabinets to store office supplies as this can take away space you might need for kitchen items. 

A desk with drawers or shelves is a nice way to keep your home office separate from the kitchen even though they might be using the same space. 

Add Some Lighting 

A light under the desk or under the cabinets of the nook is perfect for seeing for reading or writing. These lights are often inexpensive and can get installed DIY so you don’t need to call an electrician. If you can’t install a light near the desk, you can always get a nice lamp to put on the corner of the nook. 

Get a Comfy Chair 

Try to avoid using a kitchen table chair as your desk chair. Most kitchen table chairs are not meant to be sat in for hours at a time, so you may struggle with back or shoulder pain if you do this regularly. Invest in a more comfortable chair for your kitchen office space. You can still get one that is sleek so that it doesn’t take away from the modern look of your kitchen. 

Add Decorations 

The best way to incorporate your home office within the kitchen is to keep the decorations more kitchen-themed rather than office-related. This way it’s still a part of the kitchen without people noticing right away when they enter the house that a part of the kitchen is being used as a home office. 

You can also use the shelves and cabinets above the desk to add some decorations to match the theme or the color of the kitchen. Keeping them simple rather than making them a focal point is best. 

Turn Your Kitchen Nook Into a Home Office 

Using your kitchen nook or extra counter space as a home office is a great way to be able to have space to work from home without turning an entire room into a home office. The kitchen nook is also perfect if your home is lacking workspace. You can always get a desk with shelves if your nook is empty or you can use the counters that are already in the kitchen depending on your budget. 


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