How to get your dream job

A resume is the first document that decides whether a potential employer will choose you. You must sell in it and represent yourself, your education, career and experience. The first step is to create a structured resume, or if you have one, you need to update it. Top resume review you can see on our website.

What should your resume contain?

  • Personal data

Please provide only the required information. Having the right basic information will help HR remember you after the first read of your resume and be able to contact you. Always mention them on the first page and prominently enough.

  • Contacts

Check the correctness of the data, especially the phone number and email address.

Enter the phone number in the format with the international prefix +420.

Use a private email with your first and last name. Looks more professional. Do not use an email address that has an alias in its name.

  • A photo

Use a photo that looks professional, sharp and clearly visible, and not, for example, a holiday.


How to get your dream job1

  • Start with the highest level of education achieved.
  • Write the full name of the school, do not write abbreviations.

Think back to the field you studied, the degree you received, and the year you graduated.

Fill in information about external studies and studies in progress. If you are at school, when is graduation expected?

Primary school is only listed if it is your highest level of education.

Additional education

Courses, retraining or training currently associated with the position you are applying for in the selection process. Specify the institution that provided the training, the duration or period during which the training was completed (certificates, permits, etc.). However, choose only those courses that are relevant to the position.

Work experience

Sort your work history in chronological order from most recent to most recent. For each job, include the name of the company and position you held, the year you started and ended the job, and a brief description of your job description.
If you have a lot of jobs, focus on the last three jobs. Just briefly remember the others.

Knowledge and skills

Assess how well you master the specific knowledge and skills required for the job. In particular, choose something that the potential employer might find useful and exceptional. If you have experience with something that is not quite normal, let them know.

Language skills

This is a very important item on your resume. Some employers pay attention to it right away because it is important for them to know a particular foreign language.

It is better if before you fill in your CV you check your language skills and know exactly what level you are at at the moment. You can find various level tests on the Internet. Write down the specific languages and levels you speak. If you are not sure, consult an expert.


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