How to Get Upgrade Modules in Destiny 2

In contrast to many other video games, the only way to advance your character in Destiny 2 is to obtain superior gear. Your Power Level is derived directly from your loadout and the only way to improve it is to find new and better items. Fortunately, you do not have to abandon the equipment you have become used to. Powerful weapons and armor pieces can be infused into Legendary or Exotic items of their types, raising the Power Levels of the latter while leaving their perks and stat sets untouched. Upgrade Modules are usually required for this process to take place. In this guide, you will find all there is to know about this precious currency, its uses, and how you can collect it.

Upgrading Gear

Infusion involves dismantling an item to transfer its Power Level to the item you wish to upgrade. The dismantled item must be of the same type as the one to be upgraded. For example, weapons from the Power Slot are needed to upgrade a Power weapon. Armor pieces for the same part of the body can be used to upgrade each other. Although only Legendary and Exotic items can be upgraded in this way, the items used to infuse them may be of any rarity. Naturally, they need to have a higher Power Level. To carry out the upgrade, simply follow those steps:

  • Access the character information screen;
  • Select the item you wish to upgrade;
  • Click on the Infusion icon underneath Weapon Mods;
  • Choose the item you wish to infuse the first item with from among eligible options;
  • Use the action key (F by default) to confirm the Infusion. Be aware that doing so will dismantle the item being infused.


In addition to the two items, Infusion also has currency requirements. Infusing different rolls of the same basic item costs 1,000 Glimmer. While large quantities of Glimmer can be acquired simply by playing the game normally, getting duplicates of weapons or armor pieces can be a slow and unreliable process. Realistically, you will probably need to use other items of the same type instead. In that case, the price of the upgrade is one Upgrade Module. This currency can be much harder to obtain, but fortunately, there are several routes that may be used.

How to Farm Upgrade Modules

As of the current season, there are multiple methods you can use to farm Upgrade Modules:

  • Purchashing them from vendors in the Tower. Banshee-44 can be found in the hub’s central area, while Ada-1 is in the Annex further west. Each of them offers two Upgrade Modules every day in exchange for 5,000 Glimmer, ten Legendary Shards, one Enhancement Core, and 25 of a Destination Material. Which Destination Material each merchant will require is different every day. You can farm them through regular activities in their destinations or buy them with other currencies from Spider in Tangled Shore. Dismantling any Legendary or Exotic items produces Legendary Shards. Enhancement Cores have a variety of potential sources, but are most often obtained through bounties;
  • Resetting your progression on the ranked ladder for Gambit, the Crucible, or Vanguard rituals. That requires you to play and win matches or strikes until you reach maximum rank. Resetting makes you start from scratch, but yields various rewards, including three Upgrade Modules. While some rewards are only available once per season, Upgrade Modules still appear with every reset;
  • Ranking up in the Trials of Osiris PvP activity. Rank 4 and Rank 13 both offer two Upgrade Modules. However, getting there will require you to play against and defeat other skilled and motivated competitors over the weekend;
  • Installing certain mods in your Ghost. Specifically, there is a Modularity mod for each three of the basic ritual activities. Those mods give you a small chance to obtain Upgrade Modules after every successful completion in the chosen activity;
  • Playing through the free or premium Season Pass. There are over a dozen of Upgrade Modules locked away behind the tiers along its track. Buying the pass allows you to earn more items;
  • Using the Concentrated Mattergem. This consumable may be acquired from the Eververse store in exchange for 200 Bright Dust. Consuming it provides a buff that makes it possible for powerful enemies to drop an Upgrade Module on defeat. Once this happens, the buff goes away. Bright Dust is primarily obtained by completing various bounties and challenges.

Buying it is probably the surest way of farming the currency quickly. It does rely on having the right items, but none of them are that difficult to come by. As for other methods, the drop rate for using Modularity or Concentrated Mattergems is rather low. However, they can still be profitably combined with others tasks, including ranking up for the reset and its rewards. Focusing on one activity and doing everything possible to win is the most efficient approach if you could not or would not just use the vendors.

Final Thoughts

Refreshing your equipment is necessary to progress to the shooter’s endgame and compete in Power-enabled PvP modes like Trials of Osiris. Without upgrades, this progress would mean the loss of unique aspects of the item, such as unusually fitting stats or random perks. Infusion allows players to keep enjoying a loadout that is particularly suitable to their interests and playstyles. In practical terms, upgrades mean seeking out Upgrade Modules. With CakeBoost’s help, that and other vital, yet tedious Destiny 2 tasks will be taken care of for you, quickly and efficiently. Contact our Destiny 2 boosting service team for further details or to place your order.


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