Here are our favorite Ben 10 games: our choices might seem surprising!

He is one of the most beloved and popular characters in cartoons, but did you know that there are literally hundreds of Ben 10 games too? Boys of all ages can put themselves in the skin of their favorite virtual character and help save the world through their actions, from their laptop/PC keyboard or from the touchscreen of their smartphone. It seems easy, but you must know that levels increase in difficulty as you advance in each mission. That being said, what are the best options when it comes to such a way of spending free time?

With the help of our friends at, who host over 260 Ben 10 games, we’ve selected the best ones, which we will present to you next, along with their ratings & short descriptions. Without further ado, here’s our list:

Super Heroes Crazy Truck (77% likes)

Here are our favorite Ben 10 games our choices might seem surprising1

In this game, young boys will race each other in very big & fast cars. However, they have to pay attention since any small mistake can take them off the road, both literally and figuratively;

Ben 10 Dragon Knight (100% likes)

In these Ben 10 games, kids will control their favorite Cartoon Network character while he’s riding on a dragon & discovering the world from above. Missions are getting increasingly difficult, requiring more and more attention;

Ben 10 Armored Attack 2 (100% likes)

Whoever plays this game has to be brave enough to attack all enemies & defend the positive characters, to save the world. Do you think you have what it takes for such a mission?

Stinkfly Aerosgate (75% likes)

This is one of the most surprising Ben 10 games since it involves the main character’s transformation into Stinkfly the alien, who always needs to save the situation;

Ben 10 Ambulance (100% likes)

This is a fun driving game with a good cause: young boys will play as Ben 10 the ambulance driver, who has to transport & save different patients in urgent need of help;

Ben 10 Gadgets (100% likes)

Here, the mission is simple: you have to collect as many gadgets as you can, in order to defeat your enemies easier & quicker, before reaching the stage where you’ll fight the final boss;

Ben 10 vs Robots (100% likes)

This is one of the hardest Ben 10 games because the main character gets trapped by Vilgax robots. While trying to escape them, Ben 10 also has to collect as many coins as possible;

Ben 10 Bloxx Motoride (100% likes)

According to, this is one of the most entertaining adventures possible since the main character turns into Bloxx, one of the 10 robots from the Omnitrix (his watch-like device);

Ben 10 Skate Champ (100% likes)

Ben 10 has a lot of hobbies in his free time and skating is one of them. However, just like everything else he does, it’s not enough just to skate, he wants to be a champion;

Ben 10 Partner Adventure 2 (81% likes)

Last but not least, this Ben 10 game is all about collaboration & cooperation to finish different quests. Just like in life, it’s not enough to walk alone on a road, you have to ask for & offer help when needed.


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