How To Choose An Interesting College Essay From A Boring Prompt?

The most crucial thing to remember while writing a college essay is to start with an attention catcher or important theme. Your essay’s “catch” or “seeker” should be the first sentence. This statement “catches” or “captures” the reader’s attention, causing them to desire to read further. This opening sentence should give rich facts, pique the reader’s interest, or stand out.

Students rush to finish their terrible personal essays with the college submission deadline. Essays come in various forms and styles; some are exuberantly artistic, while others are poignantly policy-focused. The best academic essays are notable for conveying the subtleties and ambiguities of the author’s thought process.

What is a prompt?

A prompt is a set of 1-3 phrases that raise a subject or pose a question to which you must react in an essay. Because they cover wide prompts, college essays can be tough to write. You can adjust the prompt to fit your wants and curiosity.

Suppose you take the time to break out the pieces that make up the implied argument of the prompt. You could think up a question about which you’d like to respond.

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Students may face difficulty choosing a topic and writing an essay because these are time-consuming. And it is also most critical to choose an interesting essay from a boring prompt. Online essay writer provides these services to make students’ day-to-day busy lives more comfortable by helping them write essays!

Writing Essay From A Prompt

The basic purpose of writing an essay from a prompt is to encourage students to write about the provided topic thoughtfully. From it, the students can easily get clear instructions and craft the essay pretty easily.

The following are the two parts of a prompt:


The situation provides a general topic about which the students should write. The situation or topic should be according to the interest of the students. It must spark the ideas in their minds. Most importantly, the situation will always be consistent with the students’ experience.


From the direction, the students get an idea of how they will complete the task. The directions always urge the students to share their experiences and knowledge. It is a way to inspire the students to get the job done creatively!

So, when you start writing, you must consider these two parts. It is the way you can create an interesting essay from the prompt.

You can easily get a topic from the prompt. Here, you must make sure that the statement must brainstorm to build a personal connection with the selected topic. It is also important that students must explain the purpose of writing!

Furthermore, the prompt and essay have a strong relationship with each other. For example, the type of essay you will write depends on the prompt. Depending on the prompt, you can write an argumentive, expository, descriptive, opinion, or narrative essay.

Tips To Follow While Writing

Well, there is no wrong way to use the prompt. But, when you are using the prompt, it must spark imagination in students’ minds. While crafting the essay, make sure:

  1. It must let you explore a dream, which can later be used to write the essay. Or one can also use these imaginations in novels to develop the story or characters.
  2. The results of the essay can also be used for writing the college entrance essay
  3. The prompts can give the ideas for writing the essays, or you can get the topic from it
  4. To get command, you must take a prompt and practice writing for 30 minutes daily
  5. You can go away in a different direction while writing the essay from prompt
  6. It will be an incredible way to get started creatively, especially when you feel your creativity has been blocked
  7. Don’t judge yourself while writing. You can read your writings at the end and then make the required changes


If your topic is dull, it won’t make a good first impression. And if you are writing an essay for college admission, your application will be pushed to the side with little chance of being accepted. However, if your essay topic is unique and creative, you’ll be more likely to get a second look at your application. So, you can use a prompt to craft the best and most catchy essay!


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