How Is Current Affairs Important In UPPSC Syllabus?

UPPSC (Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission) conducts Civil Services Examination to recruit eligible candidates to the various posts in the Civil Services of Uttar Pradesh.

The exam is held in three stages namely: Preliminary, Mains, and Interview. Each stage has a defined syllabus that includes General Studies and Current Events of national and international importance. However, UPPSC asks a good number of questions from the Current Affairs section in both exams, prelims and mains.

The previous years’ questions papers for Civil Services Examination show that Current Affairs is one of the most imperative sections of the UPPSC syllabus. So, students who want to qualify the UPPSC 2022 exam should pay detailed attention to the current affairs section.

How current affairs are important in the UPPSC syllabus?

  • Demand of the exam:

Civil service is such a field that asks the persons to be aware of the happenings going around the world. The person needs to know everything going on in the city and that can affect its life. Therefore, candidates can’t imagine qualifying for the exam without having thorough knowledge of current affairs.

  • The prime part of the syllabus:

Current Affairs is one of the most significant sections of the UPPSC syllabus. You can say that if general studies are the driving force, current affairs are fuel to it. Since the current affairs section has no limit on the syllabus, students often find it intimidating to prepare.

However, students who are in the habit of reading daily newspapers and podcasts find it easy and interesting. So, UPPSC candidates should develop a habit of reading newspapers daily to prepare for this section.

  • Helpful in all the stages of the exam:

The current affairs section is significant not only in Prelims and Mains, but also in Interview round. The recruiting panel asks a good volume of questions about GK and current affairs.

So, preparing the current affairs for prelims and mains exam will benefit the students during the interview round also.

  • Justifies with the designation:

After getting recruited for the desired post, the Civil Service Officer has to perform several duties and responsibilities. Often he has to make such decisions that can be the question of someone’s life or death. A little mistake in the decision can ruin the entire life of someone or bring disgrace to the city.

Therefore, the position holder needs to make every decision prudently, keeping every aspect of the matter in mind. Staying abreast with the national and international events can help a civil service officer make the right decision confidently. So, to justify the civil service profile, staying updated with the current affairs is highly crucial.

How to prepare for the UPPSC current affairs section?

Preparing for the UPPSC current affairs section is not as tough as the other subjects. Current affairs have no pre-defined syllabus, it just includes the day-to-day happenings of the world.

All you need to do is to read daily newspapers, watch news channels, listen to AIR and podcasts and sign up for some weekly/monthly magazines. You need not stock up on so many books and stick to the same for hours. Also, you can solve previous years’ papers and mock quizzes to study current affairs. Just going through these few sources for 1-2 hours daily can help you prepare for current affairs.

Technically, preparing for current affairs is easy and interesting but students who find it difficult can enrol on online coaching like BYJU’s Exam Prep for the best preparation.

Current Affairs is one of the most important sections of the UPPSC exam. So, the students who dream of qualifying for this highly competitive exam should never take this section for granted and develop a foolproof strategy to prepare for it.

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