How Can I Get A Free Consultation With A Good Family Lawyer?

Life has various phases, and people may sometimes undergo dire mental conditions due to relationships. This happens because of family conflicts that leave not a single home unattended. There might be occasions when things get resolved but seeking legal advice is the last option anyone would rely upon. When seeking legal advice arrives, a family lawyer’s free consultation is a decent option to consider.

When you go for the first consultation with a family law solicitor regarding a case, you need to provide some strong evidence like tax details, a video of any virtual conversation, a record of telephonic conversation, etc. We also advise you to ask questions to your lawyer about your case after giving away every detail so you can understand the possibility of winning. There are many things you need to do before you go for the first consultation. In this article, we have discussed some tips for getting a free consultation with a family lawyer. Follow the article if you need to consult your lawyer regarding any case.

When you decide to go for a family lawyer’s free consultation, the first thing the lawyer will ask you is to describe the key facts of the case. Whether it is a divorce case or you want to sue someone for fraud or defame you, you must get the facts straight with your lawyer. 

Now, at this time, most clients end up describing the case like a story without following any order. This can make the lawyer irritated. So, instead of messing up at the time of the meeting, you can write down the facts on paper chronologically so you can explain them as clearly as possible when the lawyer asks you any question. Consulting Family Lawyers Brisbane can be a great help for people who have been seeking legal guidance from capable people.

  • No Conflict of Interest

It does not matter whether you go for the first consultation with a family law solicitor or not; at the beginning, your lawyer is likely to ask you if there is any conflict of interest that can stop them from winning the case. It helps the lawyers to understand the challenges. So you might be asked to bring a list of people who can be a witness in the case. This helps the lawyers to build a strong case against the opposite party.

  • Evidence

We have already mentioned that when you go for the initial consultation with family lawyers, the first thing a lawyer asks you to do is get the facts straight. Once you describe everything to the lawyer, you are most likely to be asked to fetch any evidence to support your case. This can be a turning point in the consultation because your evidence can help a lawyer agree to take the case. 

You can provide emails, phone call records, chats, and tax return details as evidence (depending on the case). Just make sure to use anything relevant to the case you are about to fight for. You can also go to the lawyer’s official website to see if there is anything more you need to show to satisfy your lawyer’s hunger for evidence.

  • Be Sure of Your Objective

People go to a court or Family Lawyers Parramatta usually go there with a purpose. While some want to settle a dispute, others want to get a divorce. So, discussing your objective after blurting out every detail about your case is advisable. 

Once you describe the facts of the case and provide the relevant evidence to your lawyer to support your case, tell your lawyer what you want to achieve by winning. Besides winning the case, hiring a lawyer can also help you get your purpose fulfilled.

  • Ask Questions

When you go for an initial consultation with Family lawyers, it is important to ask questions. Just like your lawyer has the right to ask you essential questions regarding the case, you can ask the following questions to your lawyer too:

  • Have you ever fought a similar case as this one?
  • What do you think is the outcome of such cases?
  • Is the evidence enough? How Will the Other Party respond? 


Whether you have a family lawyer or not, consulting a lawyer for the first time regarding any case is essential. The first consultation helps you to describe your case to the lawyer and place the evidence regarding the case. Not only that, during the consultation, the lawyers ask a lot of questions to the client, and through the questions and answer session, they get to collect a lot more information about the case than you can even imagine. As a result, it can increase your chance of winning.

Ultimately, we have to say that it is a lawyer’s job to find the hole in a case and use that to win it. So, it is advisable to consult a reliable lawyer and describe everything with patience.


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