Florida King Mackerel Fishing, Tips and Techniques

Anglers have many options when it comes to catching king mackerel in Florida waters. Anglers can get the best results from their fishing trips by knowing the best times to target Florida’s king mackerel.

Where to Catch the King Mackerel

The western Atlantic Ocean is home to the king mackerel. It can be found in both tropical and subtropical waters. This species is constantly moving. Stocks that winter in Florida move as far as Texas during the summer and Virginia during the winter. It is also found in South Florida during the spring and early-summer months. It is a coastal, pelagic and schooling species. It can be found in waters between 10-20 fathoms. It can sometimes be found around inlets and ocean piers. Many congregations are found around wrecks and buoys or coral reefs. The size of schools varies and the most successful individuals tend to be lonely. This list contains additional information about where you can catch this fish.

  • Baitfish patches
  • Deep shore water
  • Breakwaters and jetties
  • Rip tides
  • Shore points
  • Breakers
  • Floating foam & debris
  • Nearshore shoals and reefs
  • Roily water
  • Surf and shore

How to Catch a King Mackerel

Trolling and drifting are the most popular methods of fishing. You can use strip baits, lures or small whole baits to fish deep or at the surface. Casting and live bait fishing are also options. Under various conditions, ballyhoo and mullet, pinfish, jacks and pinfish, croakers and shrimp have all been successful. These fish are attracted and held by chumming. These are the fishing methods that can be used to catch this fish.

  • Drift fishing
  • Bottom bouncing
  • Saltwater trolling
  • Chumming
  • Still fishing
  • Saltwater jigging

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