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Technology has affected our lives in many ways, ranging from healthcare to appliances. Fashion was for many years, not a part of the technological race but this is changing! The wearable market is ever-growing and new ideas are instilled every day. From innovative t-shirt technologies to smart shoes, the sky’s the limit. These advances are happening at an accelerating speed and one shouldn’t miss out. Many of these ideas have become reality and come among trendy fashion items. We will cover many of these facts and put a blueprint for your next fashionable outfit! 

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Display technologies are evolving and screens on your t-shirt may finally be possible. Adaptive t-shirts which reflect your mood/reaction may become reality and it’s not so far! Some companies already designed prototypes and they’re not too bad themselves. For now, though, this isn’t possible but some other things are. Flexible and breathable mesh fabrics can help you work out and be light as well! These can get your heart pumping while retaining zero sweat in the shirt. Adidas and other name brands have these shirts in their active/athletic collections. Go check it out! 

Another notable concept is body monitoring clothes! Such attire can monitor your vitals while you go on about your daily life. The presence of such information at hand can help save many patients! Heart attacks may be warned and serious consequences may be avoided. Again, athletic uses are uncountable. Athletes can have their whole bodies examined while performing their tasks/games. Such technologies could also be employed in the war zone and the military could benefit. Soldiers can find medical and on-field advantages! Healthcare would benefit tremendously in general. The idea of just wearing some sweats and having a close check on your body’s vitals may be close. Computers are evolving at a crazy speed as well and if they could shrink small enough, it’ll be amazing! Smart wearable clothes would make it so you’re never without a computer, anywhere. Shaping tomorrow’s holographic reality may become easy with this. Millions of tiny computers on your clothes could do these computations and make it a reality. It is truly amazing to live in such an age where these findings are happening!

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The durability of fabrics is also improving at a speedy pace. Rigidity is improving so much that we may see kevlar grade toughness in normal clothes. Graphene, a magic material, can make this happen. It’s as light as a feather and strong enough to stop a bullet. Such properties could be deployed in the war zone or used in day-to-day clothes, with zero wear/tear! The world is going towards something good and we can not wait.


Accessories such as watches, bands, and glasses are in the process of smartification! You may even say that it’s already done, seeing the wearable market right now. Smartwatches are everywhere and it’s hard not to see an Apple watch these days! These tiny computers on your wrist act as assistants to your phone. Notifications for important emails or sending voice notes to your family has never been easier! These devices aid healthcare and fitness as well. They can track your footsteps and do an ECG, right on your wrist! A big leap forward from huge hospital machinery. These tiny gadgets are also quite trendy, a symbol of fashion almost. It’s hard not to see a celebrity wearing these devices, it’s unreal! Just in the span of a few years and smartwatches are everywhere, what’s next then? Glasses! Many companies have already given their shot at it, be it google, Snapchat, or even Facebook! Such devices aim to provide essential information in your eye’s FOV. It aims to make navigation easy like never before. The concept of multitasking and having a hologram in your eyes is amazing. They may just do that and help our lives in many ways.

As discussed, their usability is quite functional but are they ‘cool’? My friend, they’re the talk of the town! You’ll be sure to pull off amazing outfits with smart wearables. Their functionality will aid your daily life tasks and more, even save lives! Yup, that’s true— Multiple reports have shown Apple Watch saving heart patients’ lives. The practicality of such devices is unmatched, since the invention of the smartphone. 


Some of the above items may not be mainstream yet but do you know what is? Cost-effective products! Yup, the costs have been going down as well. While newer technologies bloat the market, often not that old ones become cheap. The clothes/fabric market is the same. China is a hub of cost-effective clothes manufacturers that provide quality. This bit is for all keen businesses that may want to capitalize on the opportunity. The consumer wants an appealing price for quality products! Make it happen. China jackets are cheap and up-to mark in quality, you can contact our recommended supplier to help you! That’ll make an amazing addition to your portfolio of products! 

Other avenues are in the same place, prices are going down! The wearable market has quite a few competitors, many competing on price. This makes life easy for the customer as the prices are competitive and reasonable. Quality and fashionable clothes are available everywhere in the world. You don’t have to spend a big buck just to get something good! 

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