Brief Information About Seizures Including the Causes, and Symptoms 

There comes a time when the brain functioning in its normal mode will be disrupted because of the abnormal electrical discharge. This condition will be unregulated and can make a person lose other parts of the brain as an after-effect. This issue is diagnosed as a seizure and will require the immediate attention of a neurologist.

The expert neurologists in South Valley Neurology have come up with the conclusion that epilepsy can be one of the many reasons that make people suffer from seizures. They first try to understand the actual cause of seizures in people by conducting in-detail diagnoses and coming up with the best solution for the disorder. You can visit them to get more information on seizures.


The brain cells work in sync with one another. They communicate with the help of the electrical impulses that are transferred between them. The normal conditioning of these impulses will keep the brain cells in their best condition. However, when these electrical impulses start firing at the brain cells abnormally, then they will disrupt the normal working mechanism of the cells. This condition results in transferring the electrical impulse through the body’s nervous system resulting in seizures.

Seizures can occur from any one part of the brain or throughout the brain cells, based on the severity of the abnormal shooting of the electrical impulses.


Neurologists have diagnosed the condition of seizures as a condition that can be caused because of many causes. They are listed below.

  • Alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Stroke
  • Fluid buildup in the regions around the brain and this condition is known as cerebral edema
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Malfunctioning in the brain cells
  • Infections in the central nervous system
  • Hypoxia is also known as cerebral ischemia. This is the condition where there is not enough supply of oxygen to the brain cells.
  • Injury to brain cells or head trauma
  • Genetic disorders
  • Overdosing on certain drugs such as sedating histamines, CNS stimulants, and antipsychotics can result in seizures as one of the many side effects
  • Exposure to some specific kind of toxins
  • Tumors or sores that are present in the brain
  • Stress at extreme levels
  • Repetitive sounds, flashing lights, some specific kind of video games, music, etc., are some possibilities. Sometimes seizures are triggered even because of a kind of touch
  • Lack of sleep

The seizures are diagnosed in people belonging to ages starting from less than 2 years to the age of 60 and above. Each age group will have its own set of reasons for the development of seizures in them, and the neuro-specialists can diagnose the cause of the issue based on the age factor as well.


  • Repetitive movements
  • Jerking movements continuously
  • Spasm in the whole body
  • Twitches briefly in the muscles
  • Limp or rigid muscles
  • Blanking or spacing out
  • Immobility in the whole body

When you notice any or many of these symptoms in your dear ones, you should understand that it is time to get them an appointment with the neurologist in your locality. If you are from South Valley, then you can visit the neurology center there to get a complete diagnosis and also the best treatment.


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