Is Solidworks Easier Than AutoCAD?

AutoCAD and SolidWorks let users design in both 2D and 3D and act as an extension of a designer’s mind. Both of these tools have made it possible for engineers and architects to digitalise the design process. AutoCAD is suitable for drawing, while SolidWorks is better for making a model that is pushed out.

This article will try to break down each piece of software in detail, pointing out where they do well and where they could do better, before coming to a conclusion, if Autocad or Solidworks course, which one is better.

What Makes AutoCAD and SolidWorks Different?

They meet two different needs and can be used in different ways. For example, SolidWorks is the best CAD/CAM software to use if you need to make 3D parts and assemblies and simulate how they move and work. AutoCAD is the right program for you if you need a program that is more for drawing and general applications in a wide range of industries.

AutoCAD vs Solidworks, which is Easy to Learn?

2D CAD programs are much easier to learn than 3D ones. That’s because they are more accessible. At the same time, 2D drafting is also easy to understand because its like the same that you do by hand, but this time you are doing it on your computer. In the meantime, AutoCAD has tons of different commands that you have to know if you want to be good on AutoCAD. However, those shortcuts, commands, and controls are very easy to learn as well. But you have to spend a good amount of time to memorize those shortcuts and controls.

However, let’s talk about Solidworks. It is a 3D modeling platform, and if you want to work on 3D modeling, you are adding an extra axis on the design, and it makes the designing complicated than 2D modeling. On the other hand, this program has new commands and controls so that you won’t have to deal with AutoCAD.

Let me give you an example here, you are required to create holes and extrusions in the 3D along with the Z-axis. Now, Solidworks provides a wide range of functions. But the 3D visual interface that allows designer to see model in 3D is extraordinary.

Both of these programs are known for being easy to use, and both companies are proud of that fact. It depends on the user’s background and whether or not they have used 2D or 3D CAD programs before. If a complete beginner looked at both programs, AutoCAD would be easier to use. If someone has a basic understanding of 2D drafting, the user could move on to 3D modelling and more complex designs with multiple parts, assemblies, and animations.


AutoCAD is suitable for drawing, while SolidWorks is better for making a model that is pushed out. Only because they are well-known design applications in the world, that’s why you will hear them compared. After all, it all depends on what you plan to do with the CAD program. Want to know further about Autocad? Check out the Autocad Mechanical Course.


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