6 Reasons Why Corporate Flu Vaccinations Are The Safe Play

Business owners that are arranging corporate flu vaccinations for their own staff are making the safe play. While some will see the initiative as unconventional or a costly exercise, this is an investment which continues to deliver results for organisations that cannot afford to experience an extensive downturn in health and performance. We will outline the 6 reasons why it is the sensible choice to make, regardless of size or industry profile. 

1) Easy to Arrange 

If there is one incentive that demonstrates why corporate flu vaccinations are the safe play for businesses, it will be the ease of booking that makes the process simple to manage. This is one of the issues that prevents many outlets from doing their due diligence as they believe that it will be a time consuming exercise and logistically complicated. Thankfully in this setting, that could not be further from the case. With transparent booking measures and helpful communication, enterprises will find a time and location that works around their needs.  

2) Hiring Expert Medical Practitioners 

For organizations that don’t look to hire corporate flu vaccinations, that can force participants to seek out immunization options that might not be as safe as they intended to be. By calling on these specialists, they have the credentials and resources to ensure maximum safety for every individual who is injected. It also offers a chance to talk with operators who can answer questions and resolve any issues given their experience and resources. 

3) Reducing Absenteeism 

Businesses that are looking into these vaccination programs must consider the impact that influenza has on a workforce. Studies have indicated that upwards of 50% or more staff are available for work when they would have been absent due to illness, a figure that matters for companies big and small across the country. For small and medium enterprises who are most impacted by these absentees, the reason to use these vaccines becomes even more clear. 

4) Enhanced Productivity 

Seeing staff absent from work is one issue. Having them working on site when they are ill and feeling under the weather is another concern altogether. From coughing and sneezing to fatigue, headaches and other ailments, it is only through a proactive measure like corporate flu vaccinations where people are protected and their productivity is improved during flu season while others are left vulnerable to infection. If organisations want to see progression made with these metrics and seek the best value for their time, then this is the kind of initiative that should be embraced. 

5) Demonstrating Best Corporate Practice 

It costs nothing for businesses to talk a good game about corporate responsibility. However, if they leave their staff to look out for their own health concerns when an opportunity like corporate flu vaccinations are available, then those words will ring hollow. To demonstrate best corporate practice and to have frameworks in place that allow for ease of access and department protection, this is a move that makes sense for the brand. 

6) Cost Saving Measure 

What will convince owners and managers to proceed with corporate flu vaccinations? If these arguments have not been enough to sway their opinion, then assessing the dollars and cents might be the way forward. Ultimately this is an exercise that improves productivity rates, saves health and absence costs, reduces absentees and ensures that there are less resources required to cover sick leave entitlements for a period that businesses are aware of.  


There is little doubt that the use of corporate flu vaccinations is considered the conservative and safe option for brands that want to look out for their own interests. By running a search for specialists and arranging a time for a booking, these benefits will be enjoyed. 


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