5 Reasons You’ll Love Living in a High-Rise Apartment

When shopping for a home, you need to decide on many things:

  • You have to choose your neighbourhood.
  • You must set a budget.
  • You need to determine if you’re buying a house and lot or an apartment in a high-rise apartment building.

If you’re currently mulling over these things, this write-up can help.

Read on to learn five reasons you might love living in a high-rise apartment like the Marsa Plaza apartments for sale in Dubai.

1.    Central Location: You’re Near Everything

Vertical residential developments like high-rise apartment buildings are the solution to extremely dense populations and land shortage in urban areas. By their very nature, therefore, high-rise apartments are centrally located.

As such, most high-rise developments are in downtown and metropolitan areas. For you, this means being closer to your office, your kids’ schools, public transport, shopping malls, hospitals, commercial districts, restaurants, and event venues.

Your apartment complex could be just a few minutes’ walk from your office building, making it very convenient to go to and from work. Some apartments are linked to shopping malls, making it very convenient to dine out, shop, and buy groceries.

The central location of high-rise apartments means you can save a lot of time and save some transportation money, too. You won’t have to commute over long distances to reach your favourite destinations in the city.

2.    Wealth of Amenities: Enjoy a Comfortable Lifestyle

High-rise apartment towers are not only centrally located and close to all the conveniences of the metropolis.

Modern high-rise apartment complexes have multiple swimming pools. You no longer need to drive out to your favourite hotel or sports club to enjoy a swim. Take the lift down (or up if your complex has an infinity pool on the rooftop) to take a dip in the pool.

A completely equipped gym with fitness instructors and personal trainers and a kids’ playground are now pretty standard amenities. High-rise apartments also often have running and jogging tracks, basketball courts, tennis courts, and landscaped parks that are exclusively available to residents. Some luxury high-rises even have a spa, sauna, and golf course.

And to add to the convenience of living in a high-rise development, some apartment complexes have a supermarket, pharmacy, restaurants, convenience stores and clinics on-site.

Therefore, residents of high-rise apartment complexes often have far greater and superior amenities than those living in a house and lot.

3.    Towering Height: Great Views and Natural Light

High-rise apartments in metropolitan areas like Dubai and Singapore are almost (and some are actually) like skyscrapers. They’re really tall, and their towering height means they offer exceptionally great views of the city skyline.

The view is one of the most extraordinary things about high-rise living. However, to take full advantage of a high-rise’s fantastic view, you need to be careful about selecting your unit.

First, you need to choose a higher floor. Not only will this give you better views. This will also let you enjoy more natural light. Of course, a higher floor also means a longer travel time to the ground. So, make sure you choose a high-rise apartment with multiple high-speed lifts for your convenience.

Second, you need to choose a unit that faces your preferred view. Most apartment buildings will face either the front or the back of the building.

But some apartments offer multiple views, say, east and west for apartments in lower-density floors, or east, north, and west for special corner units, or 360-degree views for penthouse apartments.

A Marsa Plaza flat for sale in Dubai can have a gorgeous view of the Dubai Creek and the Dubai skyline if you choose a west-facing unit or a unit overlooking the front of the building.

4.    Shared Spaces: Shared Maintenance

You are solely responsible for maintaining everything in, underneath, and on your property in a house and lot. You maintain the building, the land, and everything attached to it both under and above the ground. That’s what real property is.

In a high-rise apartment, you are responsible only for your apartment, specifically the space bounded by your unit’s perimeter walls, the floor, and the ceiling. The rest are all shared spaces.

The hallways, lifts, lobby, gardens, swimming pools, playgrounds, rooftops, and other amenities are shared spaces. The owners’ association, of which apartment owners are members, manages all of these common areas.

The owners’ association or its agent hires caretakers, building services staff, receptionists, and other personnel. They employ engineers and other maintenance personnel full time or on retainer to ensure everything in the apartment building is appropriately maintained and operating smoothly.

All apartment residents contribute a small amount to the owners’ association every month to service and maintain all shared and common spaces. Thus, even though you have unlimited access to first-rate amenities, you pay only a fraction of the amount needed for their upkeep.

5.    Doormen and CCTV Facilities: Safety and Security

Vertical developments like high-rise apartments often come with their own doormen and security personnel. These personnel patrol the complex and the floors, and they screen people coming into the building.

High-rise buildings also often have elaborate security systems such as alarms and CCTVs. Then, of course, they have automatic sprinkler systems and other fire-fighting measures in place.

This extra layer of security and protection will make you feel relatively safe and secure in a high-rise apartment. It also means that if you feel like packing your bags and staying overseas, you can be reasonably confident that your unit will remain safe, intact, and protected from intruders while you are gone.

Live the High Life

High-rise apartments have many features that offer convenience and lots of advantages. They are centrally located, safe and secure, offer sweeping city views and ample natural light, and let you save on upkeep and maintenance.

If these benefits are high priorities for you, choose a high-rise apartment over a house and lot.

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