3 Advantages of Moving to Assisted Living Accommodation

For many people, entering the senior stage of life is something to be welcomed. There is no longer the need to be in a full-time job, as most elderly people will have retired by their mid-sixties. This means no more stress and worries from the working week and rushing to complete tasks and deadlines on time. Senior citizens often have a lot of free time, and this can be an ideal opportunity to learn new skills and hobbies. However, for some elderly people, the later stages of life are characterized by poor health and declining mobility due to old age. There is also the potential for elderly people to feel isolated and lonely if they are living on their own and live a long distance away from relatives and loved ones. In certain circumstances, moving into an assisted living facility can be of great benefit to the elderly. This article explains three advantages of moving to assisted living accommodation.

Social Aspects

Being isolated and feeling lonely is a common trait among the elderly. It is estimated that one in three elderly Americans feels lonely or isolated due to their circumstances. Over time these feelings can be detrimental to a person’s mental health and can even increase the likelihood of suffering from dementia. Thankfully, by relocating to an assisted living facility, senior citizens will be surrounded by other elderly residents. A well-run facility will fully understand the importance of socialization and will look to create activities that get residents to spend time with each other. Having an on-site community of similarly aged people often means that the residents will have shared interests and values. Put simply, living in an assisted living facility with other senior citizens can be extremely beneficial for keeping the social aspects of life thriving.

Learning Opportunities

Many people have preconceptions of assisted living facilities as being somewhat dull with an absence of activities to do for the residents. However, this could not be further from the truth. Modern and well-managed communities, such as assisted living in Chicago offer a range of activities for their residents that are both interesting and stimulating. Examples of activities on offer at such premises include art classes, where the elderly can learn to paint with watercolours or make handy crafts. Some well-run establishments will even offer language courses for their residents. This is an exceptionally good idea, as learning a new language can keep the minds of senior citizens active, and can be an extremely enjoyable activity.

Safety and Security

It is an unfortunate fact that around three million elderly people sustain injuries from falls every year in America. These often occur in senior citizens’ own homes. When the elderly live alone, this has added risks as it may be some time before carers or relatives find them. Thankfully, by relocating to an assisted living home, there will be a dedicated team of care staff on site who can regularly check in on the well-being of their residents. There may also be a range of mobility and safety aids installed in the patients’ rooms to minimize the risk of falls and significantly improve their safety.


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