2 Good and 2 Bad Reasons People Buy Steroids in Canada

Why do people even buy steroids in Canada? Your first thought may be that there is nothing to discuss, pros are good and fast results, cons are side effects, simple stuff. You’re almost right, but not really. The subject is actually much deeper. Let’s dive into the details. 

What Are Steroids

Mostly, steroids are an imitation of natural human hormones and in the very beginning they were used to cure various diseases. Nowadays, it is a widespread drug class amongst athletes and bodybuilders who want to have a beautiful body. Not to turn this into a boring Wikipedia article — let’s switch right to all the reasoning. 

Good Reasons

When you visited your local gym you must have heard different rumours or other people’s dialogues (not intentionally of course). For example, one man can tell his friend: “I have been training a lot and tried so hard, but now it seems to me that there is no progress anymore. It’s like I`m stuck in one place. What should I do?”. A good friend can cheer him up and tell not to give up. But the best friend will recommend to try steroids. 

Good Reason #1 – Performance Boost

The first good reason he would tell is that steroids can push you far beyond your limits. They can not only help you to gain muscle mass, as we remember our friend already has it, but they can give you an endurance bonus too. So the friend won’t be feeling so depressed anymore, he simply won’t have any time for whining due to his extra training. 

Good Reason #2 – Faster Gains

One case solved, but what about the second good reason? Well, imagine that the other friend has come to our wise advisor from the previous paragraph. He was missing for a long time, firstly he unfortunately gained a trauma during the competition, then his wife got pregnant and he helped her with different house preparations, then the pandemic began with its lockdowns. Almost all progress from the gym has vanished. 

We can think that it is a tough case and we will be right. However, the solution is easy. The friend recommended that he buy steroids in Canada. Why? Because the second good reason is fast results. Anabolic steroids due to their chemical structure are extremely effective for muscle growth and strength boost. When steroids enter cells, they activate certain genes that are responsible for the creation and use of protein. As a result, all the protein is used to develop and increase the muscle mass of a person. 

Bad Reasons 

Benefits are really good. But there is no good without evil. When taking steroids, what can possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, there are people who can go overboard. They see good results, but think that they can be even better, starting to take more steroids, which leads to the overdose and tremendous negative side effects. 

Bad Reason #1: Illusion of Effortless Bodybuilding

Before letting his friends go, our wise advisor wanted to tell them what are the consequences of taking steroids and what are 2 bad reasons for buying them. Bad reason number one derives from boundless human desire to make money on not very smart and gullible people. 

Some malicious ads promise complete body changes in no time with 0 effort and work or someone is selling steroids with enormous discounts which is not possible at least due to the difficult process of their creation. All this sounds very tempting and it is difficult to resist such appeals, however, one must resist. 

Unfortunately, there is no magic in our world, so even if you take steroids you need to workout and be on a strict diet. 

Bad Reason #2: Unfair Advantage

The second bad reason follows from people’s desire to be the best of the best, because steroids undoubtedly give you an advantage over common athletes. Steroids can make you run faster, jump higher and be stronger but it’s unfair to compete with natural athletes. 

Still there are people who are ready to do anything to be first in the competition and to gain victory. They fake their analysis, use special drugs just to receive a cup or a medal, which won`t be real for them. 

They did not make anything special, because they lied to judges, to spectators, but most importantly – to themselves. Such behavior is considered immoral, and not only in the sports arena but also in ordinary life too. 


Finally, our story comes to the end. We have discussed two good and two bad reasons people buy steroids in Canada, which are:

The Good Ones: 

  •  Performance Enhancement
  •  Faster Gains

The Bad Ones: 

  •  Effortless Bodybuilding
  •  Unfair Advantage

All our characters from today’s article have learned their lessons and made their choices. The rest is up to you.


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