Why Your Club Should Hire More Independent Entertainers

Independent entertainers have been keeping your audience entertained for many years and will most likely continue to do so. Sometimes, they can be more entertaining than a big band or something that’s obnoxiously in your face.

Your club should hire more independent entertainers because they are more personable, they are less costly and less stressful. Comedians like Josh Denny are some examples of independent entertainers that can keep your audience entertained.

More Personable

A comedian is more personable than a band with thousands of dollars worth of equipment on stage while they sing and perform. Comedians are mostly just people like you and me that want to make people laugh.

They are singing a song with possibly fancy musical skills. Comedians make people laugh as any average person can. That’s what makes them more relatable, we could be up there saying a joke just like they can!

It’s harder to relate to a musician for most people. Singing isn’t something that everyone can do in their everyday lives, but telling a joke is something that almost everyone can do.

Less Costly

An independent entertainer like a comedian will surely be less costly than something like a musical entertainer with a big name that will charge thousands of dollars to perform with the thousands of dollars worth of equipment that they will need.

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A comedian only requires minimal equipment. A stage to perform on, possibly a microphone so that the audience can hear them correctly, and a source of lighting so that they can be seen in darker areas.

Smaller, more independent entertainers like comedians won’t charge as much to perform as a big-name musical group would. Everything that a comedian needs can be provided by you, which of course, will save you money in the long run.

You need to make money on performances, not lose it. Hire an independent entertainer that will help to bring in your audience, while not breaking the bank and emptying your wallet!

Less Stress

Less stressing means more enjoying your performer’s performances and more time for you to focus on other problems that might need your attention. What kind of stress am I talking about?

Let’s say that you hire a big-name musical band to perform at your club. You’re going to pay them thousands of dollars and they are finally finished unloading and setting up all the equipment that they absolutely need to perform.

They’re already late going on and they can finally start their performance. All of a sudden, one of their amps explodes and might even catch on fire!

Congratulations! You’re out thousands of dollars for the band and now you have a crowd that is not only upset, but now they probably won’t come back. All this could’ve been avoided by hiring a comedian to perform.

No expensive equipment. No stressful anxiety, just a talented artist who can entertain your audience and make them laugh. 

That’s what a successful performance looks like. See what I mean by avoiding expensive acts and hiring more independent entertainers!

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