Why Tape Your Fingers in BJJ? – The Sticky Ultimate Guide

You’ve just rolled with a formidable opponent and feel the pain. Your fingers are swollen, and even though they don’t feel broken, they could very well be sprained. You must know how to tape your fingers for BJJ in this situation. Taping can help with swelling, but it will also keep your fingers safe from further injury while you recover. This article covers everything you need to know about taping your fingers for jiu-jitsu so that you’re never caught off guard!

Finger Tape for BJJ

Bjj finger tape is a great way to prevent injury, improve grip, and help you perform at your best. If you’ve ever been through a period where blisters are an issue or if calluses are building up on your fingers, the tape can be a great solution. The benefits of taping your fingers include:

  • Preventing injuries (especially finger strains)
  • Improving grip strength (which helps you perform better overall)
  • Reducing the risk of blisters forming during training
  • Preventing calluses from forming in spots where there is friction between skin and fabric

You’re a fighter. You’re in a sport that demands that you be able to perform under pressure and in the heat of the moment. You need to be able to react quickly, but your fingers are getting in the way. You’ve tried gloves, but they don’t fit with the other gear you have to wear. You’ve attempted to tape, but it doesn’t stick well enough and falls off when you need it most.

Hampton Adams Finger Tape is made just for you. We know what it’s like to play at the highest level of competition, and we’ve created our tape with you in mind. It’s made from a unique material that sticks better than any other finger tape on the market. It won’t fall off mid-match or mid-roll so that you can focus on your performance!

Why Do You Need to Tape Your Fingers in BJJ?

Taping your fingers is necessary for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is to protect them from injury, particularly when grappling on the ground or in a match. The risks associated with fighting on the ground are numerous and severe, but it’s not just about keeping yourself safe from accidental head-butts and body slams; there are also some particular hazards that you’ll want to safeguard yourself against. Your partner could break one or more of your fingers to get free from a grip, or if you’re wearing gloves, these may restrict your ability to defend yourself and cause even more damage

What Happens When You Don’t Tape Your Fingers?

When you don’t tape your fingers, you can put yourself at risk for a multitude of injuries. For example, when you don’t tape your fingers, you have a higher risk of injury because of the increased stress on the joint and muscles. You can also get a finger sprain in which the ligaments around your finger are stretched beyond their capacity to support it without breaking down completely. This is similar to getting an ankle sprain but more severe due to its position on top of other bones in your hand/wrist area (whereas ankle sprains often occur on top or below one bone). 

When you’re rolling, the last thing you want is to be slowed down by a scratchy or sprained finger. But there’s no need to worry. With Hampton Adams Finger Tape, your fingers will stay protected and free from injury during BJJ practice and competition.

Hampton Adams Finger Tape comes in a variety of colors so that you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and personality. It’s also super-sticky so that it won’t fall off mid-roll. And because it’s latex-free, it won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Finger Tape for BJJ – How Should You Tape Your Fingers?

When you tape your fingers, it’s essential to use one piece of tape. Using multiple pieces will make the tape too thick and may cause the finger to swell up with too much pressure. You should also make sure you’re using a piece of tape that is long enough to wrap around each finger and wide enough to cover all parts of your fingers. This will ensure that no part of your finger can move freely while taping them down.

How Many Times a Week Should You Tape Your Fingers?

While you can tape your fingers anytime, it’s best to do so after a challenging class. The adhesive will allow some of the sweat and blood to come off your skin and prevent blisters from forming. Also, it’s recommended that you tape up at least once per week, so there is no risk of injury from rolling around on the mat with no padding underneath. This can cause abrasions or even tears in your hands!

If you’re training at night or during the day when it gets hot out, then consider wearing gloves while training so that they don’t absorb too much heat before they start getting sweaty later on during the class time.

Which is Better, Cotton or Elastic Wraps for BJJ?

There are many types of wraps, each with its pros and cons. Elastic wraps are often used for grappling, as they have a very light feel on your hand and allow for better grip. They also retain their shape over time, making them ideal for cold weather training or competitions. Cotton wraps are softer against your skin, so they’re more comfortable to wear during training sessions that involve lots of grips and movements (but not necessarily grappling). Cotton also doesn’t retain the same amount of moisture as elastic or polyester. It can breathe better in hot weather than other options, but it won’t work well in freezing conditions where sweat accumulation becomes an issue.

If you’ve been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for any time, you’ve probably heard about how tape can help prevent injuries. You might have even tried it yourself—only to find that it’s not as easy as everyone says.

That’s why we created Hampton Adams White Bjj Finger Tape: a high-quality tape explicitly designed for BJJ athletes that stick to your fingers like a second skin and remove easily when you’re ready to ditch it. So whether you’re new to BJJ or an experienced competitor, Hampton Adams Finger Tape will give you all the support and protection you need to stay on top of your game without compromising your comfort and style.

Taping your fingers is an essential part of any BJJ athlete’s training. It can help prevent injuries, and it can also help you to perform better. In addition, by taping your fingers, you will be able to grip the mat better and get a more secure grip on whatever object or opponent you are attempting to grapple with.

In conclusion, tape your fingers when training BJJ. It’s a great way to protect them, and it will help you improve your performance.


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