Which Sport Is Easiest To Win In An Online Sports Betting Casino?

Do you ever take a minute to think of how far technology has come and how much it has helped the world? The whole idea of betting online is something we punters will forever be grateful for. For such a leap in online betting we can thank established casinos such as Japan Bons with its sports betting.

Technology has advanced so much that we can now place bets on our favourite sports online! What more can we ask for?

Online sports betting is the most exciting form of gambling you can ever come across, and now placing bets has been made so easy with the provision of bookmaker sites like; CMD368 and Maxbet. These are the two best sports providers on me88, the most trusted online casino Malaysia.

If you take a closer look at online sports betting, you will see the bigger picture which is the advantages it has over other casino games. Simply knowing some information and analysis of your favourite sport gives you improved odds to win your bets. Sports betting is all about prediction of results, and to increase your odds you need to know past events of that sport, the various teams, players and many more.

Some people say in sports betting you need Lady Luck on your side to win your bets, but in contrast to that, what you need is knowledge on that sport, because knowledge they say is power. You should note that not all sports are the same, they all vary based on their degree of difficulty in prediction,

Online sports betting is entirely subjective, what worked for one gambler might not work for the other, which is why there are multiple sports options to choose from to wager. Put your money into something you love and also conversant with.

In fact. we understand that not all these online sports betting games are easily predicted, this then brings us to our major focus which is giving you an insight to easy online sports you can place your bets on and win just by knowing one or two about it.

Below are some of the easiest sports online you can bet on, this list was made for both newbie sports gamblers and long-time gamblers looking to switch things upon in sports betting Malaysia .


It’s undeniably the most popular sport all over the world, it has captured the hearts of many and there’s a reason for that. Football betting still remains one of the easiest sports to win till date, by doing your research, knowing the right tips for the leagues, market, or division you want to place bets on, there’s an 85% assurance that you will record some winning from time to time.

In football you can place bets on your favourite team. Football system of betting includes odds for the away team, home team, and even correct scores between the halftimes and the entire game.

However, for the fact we said football bets are really easy to win doesn’t mean Nicky, Ricky and Dicky will win every time they place a bet. Sometimes you don’t win due to some decisions you make.

Staying away from multiple bets is one of those decisions you should stay away from, single bets give you more chances of winning, although the odds are small, but you can increase it by using something we call ‘double bet’ which means if club A doesn’t win, A and B will draw.

That’s basically it about football betting, and don’t forget our sports providers – CMD368 and Maxbet are the way to go for your football online sports betting Malaysia needs.


To use the word ‘easy’ for tennis sport betting is quite an understatement because there is this level of certainty placed on players that will win the few tournaments held yearly. That is why the odds-on tennis sports are relatively low, so punters use huge amounts to wager on their favourite individual players. The outcome of tennis games is usually certain 97% of the time.

With top stars like Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and, Joe McEnroe dominating this tennis sport, the consistency for winning has lasted for decades. You can also increase your bets by predicting the numbers of sets or gems in the game.

Online betting gives you more leverage in tennis sports with Maxbet or CMD368 providers on me88, the most trusted online casino Malaysia. And the good thing is live streaming is available for this sport . 


This is another great starting point for gamblers trying to win huge from sports betting, the most common bet fans place on basketball is an over/under bet. You can also place a proposition bet or place a bet on a specific player/team.

You can get the highest level of excitement from basketball betting because there’s an option for different live and prop bets.

NBA teams are so well established that they play regularly with each other, this is good for gamblers who love to invest their time going over game statistics and their money too.

 Horse Racing

Based on popularity, horse race betting frequently offers great odds, this sport feels like the purest form of betting. Even though you are not familiar with the sport, it can be very interesting to watch.

So, to win huge from placing bets on some racers you have to pay keen attention to the horses, knowing their previous results and current condition. The more you play, the more experienced you become, and the higher your chances of earning. Japanese player can learn how to make horse racing bet online before make your real money deposit in any casino. 

The fact that despite how popular this sport is, not every casino website offers it, unlike other sports games, but count yourself lucky because now you know that you can just head on to Maxbet or CMD368 website to place your horse race bets. 


This bat-and-ball game between two teams of eleven players each, just like football is quite easy to win wagers. Cricket sport is incredibly deep and strategic, so you have to do a lot of research on your favourite team before you place bets.

Research will help you know which team will come out top in the game. 

In Conclusion

We are glad you now know some of the easiest online betting sports to win…but here are two big tips we feel you should hold on to.

You will make more money if you wager on sports with low odds.

Another tip is to find the right bookmaker, remember the odds can greatly differ from one bookie to another, this is why you should place bets with the two best sports providers in Malaysia, CMD368 and Maxbet for nice odds.

Make sure to have fun while you bet!


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