What You Need to Convert VHS to Digital Successfully

As we age, many of us look back at our past with nostalgia and longing. We may have fond memories of the holidays spent with family, or the day we got married, but as time goes by, many of us realize that our old home videos, stored on VHS tapes, may not survive the test of time.

If you want to preserve these memories and watch them again in the modern age, consider converting your VHS tapes to digital ones. But, do you know what you need to convert VHS to digital successfully?

We will dive into the details surrounding what you need to know about converting VHS tapes to digital and the options available to do it.

Do You Know You Can Turn Those Old VHS Tapes Into a Brand New Format?

Many people may need to realize that they can easily turn their old VHS tapes into a brand-new format. With the advancements in technology, it is now possible to convert VHS tapes to digital files, such as DVDs or digital video files.

This means that you can now watch your old home videos on modern devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, and even upload them to social media to share with friends and family.

Converting VHS tapes to digital also provides many benefits. For one, it allows you to preserve your old home videos for years to come. VHS tapes are prone to degrade over time, and the magnetic tape inside them can become damaged, causing the video to be lost forever.

But by converting the tapes to digital, you’ll ensure that your memories are protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Things You’ll Need To Transfer VHS to Digital Files

Before you get started, you will need a few pieces of important equipment.

A working computer: You will need a computer to transfer the video files from the VHS tapes. It should have a USB port, enough storage space and a CD or DVD writer.

A VHS player: You will need a VHS player to play the tapes. Make sure it’s working and in good condition.

An S-video cable and RCA audio cable: These cables will allow you to connect the VHS player to your computer. The S-video cable connects the video output of the VHS player to the computer, while the RCA audio cable connects the audio output of the VHS player to the computer.

An A/V-to-USB adapter cable: This cable will allow you to connect the VHS player to the computer via USB. It will convert the VHS player’s analog video and audio signals into digital signals that the computer can understand.

Video editing software: Once you’ve transferred the video files to your computer, you’ll need video editing software to edit and enhance the quality of the videos. Popular options include Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Windows Movie Maker.

A blank CD or DVD: You’ll need a blank CD or DVD to save the digital video files. This will allow you to make backups for safekeeping.

It’s important to note that some of these items can be replaced by software or hardware that you might already have at home, such as a capture card or even a TV card to plug in the cables to the computer

What if You Don’t Have the Equipment Needed?

What if you don’t have the equipment to transfer your VHS tapes to digital? Don’t worry, there’s still a solution.

Companies like Capture offer digitization services that can help you transfer your VHS tapes to digital files without worrying about the equipment or the process. Capture’s video transfer service can help you save on costs, and they will make sure the final product will be something you’re satisfied with, something that you can watch, share and enjoy for many years to come.


Converting VHS to digital is essential to preserving your precious memories. By digitizing your home videos, you’ll not only be preserving your memories, but you’ll also be able to enjoy them again in a whole new way.

With the right equipment and software, you can do it yourself at home, and companies like Capture can assist you if you don’t have the equipment or the knowledge. Don’t let your memories fade away, it’s time to preserve them and make them accessible to you and future generations.


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