Try Zoom to Get Together with your close people.

Before the pandemic, video calling apps mainly were needed for only commercial purpose. All around the world people loved visiting their relatives, friends and other acquaintance according to their needs. So video calling apps were and are essential much. But 2020 brought a downfall on all of us. A pandemic situation raise in such a way, it became impossible to go out of the home. In a way, the world stopped functioning. At that moment, the video calling apps came in hand. Nowadays, they are in use for various purpose. It has become an asset for the country.

Competitive apps

As in a pandemic, the apps are necessary for conducting numerous works, and a lot of competition is out there. Apps like: Google duo, Skype, Facebook, Google meet, Zoom etc., are always in competition. Every app differs from the other by its capabilities. Based on their capabilities, advantages and disadvantages, they’re differentiated. Some apps require high internet connections and some low. Among all of the apps, the Zoom app is now at its peak point. Today people know this as the best app for video calling.

Zoom App

Zoom app is an app developed by American Communications Technology, and the headquarters is in San Jose, California. And, it enables video calling and online chat service through a cloud peer service. There are two versions of this app, and one needs payment and the second one free. The paid one gives more facility, so it’s premium. In the free version, 100 students can join over a session. But only for 40 minutes. This app can both be installed on the desktop and mobile too. So both the windows and android version are available for use. With the help of mobile application development services, you can also develop a similar app like zoom

It is better than others.

Zoom is a better platform than others. It has a higher quality than others. This app can allow 100 students to participate all at once. Other apps do not provide such features. Also, high security is prime in this app. There are other features like Zoom rooms are easy to use, there is an intuitive user experience.  This app enables screen share and remote control and connects people; it does not need multiple logins for access as it is easy to use. The interface is relatively intuitive. Google meet is also a good app, but it does not allow 100 students all at once.

There are many apps available in the app gallery. Some are for both android and iOS. Now the competition of the apps has increased much than before. So the apps trying their best to develop their features to survive the competition. Some are trying to create their security management, some trying to increase their facilities etc. all these are done to attract customers. The corporate world, multinational companies, students all sides use the video app for various purpose. While using this app, every person should be cautious and aware of the app’s opposing sides.

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