Cool places in South Africa that can make any couple feel heavenly.

It is a geographic wonder, an awe-inspiring culmination of multiple endemic species in truly unique environments, stunning seascapes, cloud-entrenched mountains, rolling hills, and lush savannah – the country of South Africa will bring your heart to wander. Moreover, your mental perspective if you ever make the brilliant decision to see it. Here are some of the less known rarities you must see in SA.


A desert that blooms in billions with vibrant flora and buzzing fauna every spring that comes. The dry land receives only a few inches of rain a year, and so all 3000 species of flowers are adapted to the hot sun. Half these species are not found anywhere else in the world. It’s truly paradise on earth with its flowers with petals coloured in sunset pinks and vivid yellows and oranges.

Apartheid Museum

A moving display and thought-provoking presentation of the recent history of the land, the museum reminds the luckier people of the present just how torturous and unjust the past had been. Go to understand the impact of state-sanctioned racism and blatant segregation.

Cango Caves in Klein Karoo

These are deep silent caves heavily adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, and the Cango Caves are a haunting experience that few know to seek. Check out the ancient sandstone pits, and make sure not to get lost.

Hermanus Cliff Path

Hermanus Cliff path is a trail that overlooks multiple bays, from July to November, bays breeding grounds for southern right whales. During those months, there are hundreds of whales wallowing around from the shore. It’s not a crowded spot and perfects to enjoy a fantastic walk with a friend or loved one.

Cape Town

Less known places aside, we must cover this for it’s a staple. Cape Town is a coastal city caught between Signal Hill and Table Mountain.

The Wine Route

SA contains grape cultivations that date back to the 17th century. The Cape Vineyards are the largest winemaking region in SA. Call the wineries beforehand to schedule cosy, affordable accommodation and tours with the makers. Stellenbosch and Franschhoek are two excellent wine valleys.

The Colors of Bo Kaap

Before leaving Cape Town, go to Bo-Kaap, photoshoot heaven with every house and alley painted a different popping colour to set the backdrop to brilliant Instagram photos. It’s like walking in a set – don’t miss it if you like photography.

On the way to Table Mountain

You can take a car through Chapman’s Peak Route to reach the next destination – Table Mountain. Make the first stop at Hout’s Bay – a beautiful spot to enjoy the view of sparkling sea and a grassy shore from – and a next at Noordhoek Beach. You’ll experience a tranquil, picturesque scene of smooth white sand and a soothing breeze – genuinely relaxing. Once you reach Table Mountain, you may take the aerial cable or take a hike. Table Mountain hosts the world’s best botanical garden, Kirsten Bosch Gardens. Visitors can walk the overhead canopy walkway.

To cap it off, take a picture at the Cape of Good Hope – the most south-western tip of the entire continent and a place of extreme historical value. Enjoy the winds and rocky ledges before you come back because heaven knows you’ll miss it when you do.




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