Review of the VPS-server for automatic trading advisors on the Forex market

Forex box is a great option for launching a Forex trading terminal and its applications. It makes it possible to work around the clock without being distracted – and significantly increase the profit from the operations performed. For each broker, this opportunity is quite valuable – after all, every day, in order to make adequate decisions, you have to constantly process large amounts of information, and at the same time, do not lose sight of what is happening on the exchange in live mode. It was in order to help brokers get rid of routine matters that a Forex trading robot, the Forex box, was developed.

Forex box is a special software solution that combines everything you need in one program – a trading terminal, advisors, indicators, experts and other useful options. Thus, you can simply launch your own trading algorithms in order for the terminal to work around the clock, bringing additional income.

Forex box benefits

Such a robot will be most convenient for both experienced brokers and beginners, because it has a number of advantages:

  • Support for MT 4, 5 – the most popular vending machines;
  • Unlimited traffic;
  • It is possible to work with any of the selected traders;
  • Trading is carried out in fully automatic mode – it is completely protected from the influence of emotions and the “human factor”;
  • Each user of the program is guaranteed confidentiality, this is an absolutely safe and reliable program.

In addition, the program is quite easy to install – every user can handle it, even without special programming skills.

Review of the VPS server for automatic trading advisors on the Forex market1

At the same time, the most important advantage of the trading robot is its excellent performance. Twenty-four hours a day, he does his job, while not taking time and traffic on your home computer. What is important is that the robot does not panic and does not make decisions that are not provided for by the algorithms embedded in it. Therefore, it is very important to correctly prescribe all its tasks – it is their correct implementation that will bring profit to its users.

What is Forex-box ready to offer users?

In order to make the robot as accessible as possible for everyone, the project developed the “single tariff” principle – one connection, one server and one terminal will cost only 2.48 Euros per month. Everyone can afford such a very small amount – and this will open the way for further development in the field of Forex.

Pay your attention, that the minimum connection period is only one month. Such a period is quite enough to appreciate all the advantages of using the Forex-box – and prolong your cooperation with Forex-box to get the maximum income.


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