Popular Procedures Available At Med Spa Facilities In The USA

Med Spas are gaining popularity in the United States; they constitute one of the biggest sources of medical tourism in the country. They combine the therapeutic setting of a spa with the non-surgical cosmetic capacity of a medical facility.

Ultimately, these therapeutic, cosmetic centers appeal to people that want to come back from vacation looking like a million dollars. Some med spas are residential – meaning that clients can stay overnight. Many, however, operate as day spas.

Generally, they offer cosmetic procedures that are minimally invasive and involve minimal discomfort. These treatments are becoming more popular – more invasive cosmetic surgery has suffered a bit of a reputation drop in recent years due to its invasive, risky and painful nature. Here are some of the most popular procedures available at med spas in the United States.

Botox Injections

Botox is a chemical agent that relaxes the muscles and skin when injected subdermally. This relaxation temporarily removes the appearance of wrinkles and laugh lines – leading to a more youthful appearance when injected correctly. Botox injections remain one of the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide. They are minimally invasive and do not last for the entirety of a patient’s life.

Botox was first developed in the 1970s and 1980s as a way of treating lazy eye conditions. In 1987 a Canadian doctor by the name of Jean Carruthers discovered the cosmetic application of the chemical when a patient of his complained that he was not injecting Botox into her forehead during her lazy eye treatment, noting that it removed her wrinkles.

Vein Reductions

Modern vein reduction uses a laser to ‘seal off’ problematic veins that are visible from the surface. The heat of the laser – usually guided by an ultrasound – forces the vein walls to close up and prevents them from being visible through the skin.

People with varicose veins or rosacea often book in for vein removal treatments at med spas. Vein reduction is not typically painful, but some treatment specialists will administer a small dose of local anesthetic before beginning their work.

Hair Removal

Laser and electrolytic hair removal procedures are very popular options at med spas in the US. Body hair is one of the most culturally influenced aspects of the human body. Pervading cultural beauty standards drive people to want to get rid of their body hair, with both men and women opting for these procedures.

Laser and electrolytic hair removal procedures target and degrade the follicles of individual hairs, leading them to stop growing altogether for a long period of time.

Soft Tissue Fillers

Soft tissue fillers like Restylane or Sculptra are designed to plump up the appearance of skin – removing the appearance of wrinkles and laugh lines. Often injected into the lips or forehead, these chemicals usually only take a couple of sessions to make a big impact.

The effects of these filling injections are not usually permanent. The material injected will eventually be absorbed harmlessly into the body. Most med spas will offer some kind of filler injection service.


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