How to Fix Company File Issues With QuickBooks Tool Hub?

Facing Company File Issues while working on QuickBooks? And getting the error code 6XXX series stating Error: company file issues, don’t worry, the QB Tool Hub can diagnose and treat the company file error effectively.

Since the QB Tool Hub comes with numerous tools for fixing various issues and errors, utilizing it can be troublesome to the users. Therefore, in this informative post, we’ll provide you with the step by step guidelines on fixing company file issues via QB Tool Hub.

So, let’s begin with understanding the factors causing QuickBooks Company File Errors to eliminate any chance of its recurrence in the near future.


Factors Causing The QuickBooks Company File Errors

There are various factors that lead to QuickBooks Company File Errors and cause users a massive time loss and in rare cases lead to company file corruption.

Therefore, Prior to using the QuickBooks Tool Hub for fixing them take a quick look at the factors causing the issue for permanently preventing them from reappearing. 

Excessive Use Of Company File – If the company file is getting worked on through multiple users at the same time, it results in the QuickBooks Company File Error.

High UAC Settings – The UAC eliminates harmful software by restricting its functioning. However, it may misidentify the QB as a threat. Thus, causing the company file error.

Absence of Admin Rights – Having admin rights of a system is a must for configuring the company file. Hence, having the absence of admin rights causes this error.

Incorrect Network Configuration: Working on QuickBooks requires users to connect with a well-configured working internet connection. Therefore an incorrect network configuration leads to QB company file error.

Outdated Windows OS – An outdated OS attracts malware and potential threat to the system which may hinder QuickBooks Installation files resulting in the company file error. 

Damaged QB Components Files  – The .ND files and .TLG Files are the crucial QB Components that must be safe to prevent any QuickBooks Company file error.

Steps To Use QB Tool Hub For Fixing Company File Issues

As the QB Tool Hub contains multiple issues tabs with different tools in it, the below steps will assist users to perform appropriate steps to fix Company File Issues.

However, prior to downloading the QuickBooks Tool Hub to treat the company file issues, ensure the system requirements are met and thereafter perform these steps.

Step  1: Downloading QB Tool Hub

The first step in resolving company file issues is to download the QB Tool Hub by following:

  • Firstly, verify if your internet connection is stable and working.
  • Thereafter, exit from QuickBooks.
  • Now, download QuickBooks Tool Hub from Intuit’s website.
  • Next, choose the appropriate folder to save the file.
  • Finally, visit the folder containing the downloaded file.

Step 2: Installing The QB Tool Hub

After downloading the QB Tool Hub, the next step is to install it appropriately by following:

  • Firstly, run the downloaded QB Tool Hub setup file.
  • Thereafter, an installation screen will be displayed on the system.
  • Afterwards, click “Next” and carefully go through the licenses and conditions.
  • Now, select “Yes” and comply with the prompted directions.
  • Finally, complete the setup by hitting “Finish” and performing a reboot.

Step 3: Launch QuickFix My File

Now, that the QB Tool Hub is Successfully and downloaded and installed, launch  QuickFix my file by:

  • Launch QuickBooks Tool Hub on your system.
  • Now, from the dashboard, visit the “Company-File Issues” icon.
  • Thereafter, Locate and tap the “QuickFix File” icon from there.
  • Afterwards, tap “Ok” and the tool will diagnose and fix the file issue
  • Finally, reboot the system then launch the QuickBooks company file.

In case the QuickFix My File tool fails to repair the company file, perform the next step.

Step 4: Use QuickBooks File Doctor-Tool

The QuickBooks File Doctor tool is an inbuilt tool of QB Tool Hub that repairs numerous QuickBooks Company File related errors. 

Utilize this efficient tool for fixing your company file error by:

  • Run the QB Tool Hub and visit “Company File-Issues”.
  • Thereafter, hit the “Run QB File Doc” Tool from there.
  • Next, it will prompt to select the troubled company file.
  • Afterwards, tap “Browse” and select the QB company file.
  • Now, tap “Diagnose-File” and input admin info if required.
  • Finally, let the tool complete its course.

Performing these steps in QuickBooks Tool Hub effectively solves QuickBooks Company file issues.

Tips To Prevent Company File Issues From Reappearing

In order to eliminate any recurrence of company file issues in future, the following tips are beneficial:

  • Frequently check for Windows Update.
  • Disable the User Account Control.
  • Make sure to have the Admin Credentials
  • Ensure to have stable and reliable internet connectivity.
  • Prevent any unexpected shutdown of your company files.

Furthermore, always update your QuickBooks to the latest version for additional features and several bug fixes.

Wrapping Up

We believe, the information provided here will assist users in resolving company file issues via QB Tool Hub. The mentioned steps are verified and recommended by QuickBooks experts. Furthermore, adopting the above-mentioned tips will prevent users from facing these issues again. 


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