How To Dress For Different Body Types?


Good dressing sense is a crucial factor in looking attractive. And when you dress according to your body type, there are no chances that you will fail to create a fashion statement. Common fashion blunders occur when most women don’t even know their body type and dress according to ongoing trends. With the rush to have a well-defined fashion sense, women mostly choose the wrong dresses and adjusting for the same gets prone to the hourglass syndrome. This page will help you discover all the fashion tips you need to know, coupled with guidance for your body type. 

Keep reading to explore your body type and the dresses suitable for you. Grab the knowledge and create your trends and fashion statements. 

Body types and dresses that compliment them

Apple-shaped body

This shape depicts a lady who is curvy with a less defined waist. So if you see yourself fitting this category, then these are the clothes you need to get going with:

Tops: V-neck top would highlight your collarbone, a wrap top would give you a defined waist, and Peplum has an in-build waist that flows out, giving you a curve on your less defined portion. 

Dresses: Off-shoulder dresses will highlight your collarbone, Empire Waist will give you a natural placement of the waist, and a Wrap is a more fitted cover-up to get the waistline. 

Pear-Shaped body

For women whose hips and thighs are broader than the shoulders come under the pear-shaped body. So explore the dresses that suit a pear-shaped body the most.

Tops: Boat-Neck top will define your shoulders, and the puff on sleeves will define your upper body. You can also choose a Cowl-Neck top, and they would draw attention to the volume of fabric and highlight your curvy waist. Square-Neck and Peplum would also define your shoulders.

Dresses: A-Line and Fit and flare dresses would define your waist the best. Off-Shoulder dresses will draw attention to your upper body.

Hourglass Body

You come under the hourglass body type when your hips and shoulders are equally balanced, and you have a defined waist. The following dresses and tops would suit you the best:

Tops: A keyhole top is a perfect top that would highlight your waist without revealing it. You can also get going with the V-line tops, Wrap, and Peplum. All these tops are meant to highlight the waist. Use a belt to accentuate your waist always.

Dresses: Jumpsuits will beautifully highlight your lower half of the body. Sheath, Fit-and-flare, and Wrap dresses will also compliment your body type. 

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

For the ladies whose shoulders are broader than their hips, they come under the Inverted Triangle Body Shape. To explore the dresses that would suit them the best, keep reading.

Tops: Choose a Scoop-Neck top, and it will make your collarbone the focal point of attraction. You can also choose Crewneck, V-neck, and Peplum. All will highlight your upper part of the body.

Dresses: A pleated skirt with a midi length is perfect for your body type. You can also go for a Fuller fit and flare skirt, A-line dresses, and Sheath. 


Now that you know the most common body types and the dresses that suit them choose your clothes selectively. The primary focus of your selection should be highlighting the naturally gifted features. This simple tip will help you set your trends and be unique and one of a kind. 


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