How to choose best A4 paper for Printing 2022

A4 paper is still needed in every office, school, university and government agency. There is a method for purchasing copier paper that many people may forget or neglect. Properties of good copier paper, suitable for work, printer-friendly. and photocopiers What should it be? What is the best brand of a4 paper ? And the most worthwhile? Today we’ve gathered them all, so let’s go check them out!

Features of A4 

  • Size of paper : The most popular copy paper size is A4 paper with dimensions of 21 x 29.7 centimeters or 210 x 297 millimeters. or that copier Can it support other sizes of paper?   
  • Paper Thickness: The thickness of the paper is in grams. good copy paper The thickness should be around 70-80 gsm. It will be most friendly to printers and copiers. But if you want quality printing such as photo printing. or graphics You can choose paper with a thickness of more than 80 gsm (90-120 gsm), but have to look at the specifications of the printer to see how much paper thickness can be supported as well. 
  • Paper Brightness: The brightness or whiteness of the paper. The brighter the paper It will help to print fresh, sharp, and more realistic colors. but if you want to use paper in general document printing It is not necessary to choose paper that is very bright. especially meeting documents with a lot of characters If the paper is too bright It may cause the reader’s eye strain.
  • Paper opacity: Opacity is the ability to penetrate. good copy paper It should have high opacity, that is, when printing duplex. The text or images from the back paper should not be visible. Paper with high opacity, comfortable 2-sided printing saves paper, reduces costs, and improves print quality. more professional
  • Eco-friendly copier paper : Paperless trend or paper reduction campaign has become a big issue nowadays. But as said, the documents It is still necessary and various government offices. Still need a lot of paper. In addition to choosing paper that supports 2-sided printing, choose environmentally friendly paper such as paper made from recycled pulp. In addition to the lower price It also helps to enhance the good image of the organization as well.   

What is the best brand of A4 copier paper?

Double A copy paper

Copy paper brand Double A uses wood from trees that are grown by themselves. Do not use trees from natural forests, known as ‘Double A Paper Trees’. It is a wood that is suitable for pulp production. resulting in good quality paper It also helps encourage farmers to generate income from planting paper trees as well. 

Double A copy paper, good quality, the paper texture is smooth and consistent throughout the sheet. Smooth printing or copying without jamming Suitable brightness, bright colors, sharp, suitable for photo printing, photo printing and documents, solid paper, professional 2-sided printing. Available in a variety of thicknesses from 70-100 gsm. Compatible with laser printers. inkjet printer and photocopiers (Friendly to Copiers) 

Copy Paper ONE

Copy paper brand ONE, smooth paper texture. Soft and smooth skin not start Uninterrupted printing clean white paper have adequate brightness print bright colors Clear black and white printing Opaque paper, can be used on 2 sides, no problem of looking through the back Help save paper and reduce costs for the organization. In addition, the 3rd page of paper can be used to print letters for the visually impaired. And the ONE brand of copier paper packaging, both in envelopes and in boxes, can also be used for other uses. can continue as well   


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