How Learning Languages Can Help You to Succeed in Digital Marketing

Marketing is considered a “modern” invention because most popular sales strategies were developed in the XX-XXI century. But things are a little more complicated. Marketing was created at the moment when craftsmanship was born, and people began to use the products of their labor themselves and sell them to others.

Today, marketers can laugh at the marketing strategies of the Middle Ages. But then shouting “Selling chickens” in the middle of a busy street was about the same as well-tuned targeting on Facebook today.

Marketing is constantly evolving. After all, conceptually new products appear every year, consumer tastes change, and methods of influence become obsolete. Marketers must continuously look for new points of contact with the audience – this moves the market forward.

Why Learning Languages Is Crucial?

The marketing system has changed even more with the advent and spread of the Internet. Digital marketing is the alpha and omega of modern brand building. And what is remarkable – with the help of the Internet, it has become truly global.

For example, more than two billion people are registered on the Facebook social network (the statistics only took into account those accounts that log into the social network at least once a month). It practically erases the boundaries of national marketing and allows you to build only one common brand promotion strategy for all countries in which it is present.

To be aware of the brand’s life, you need to know foreign languages or at least understand it in general terms.

Many international brands are sending their employees to attend English business courses as their primary language, as the most significant number speaks of people worldwide – almost 1.5 billion. Adaptations to other languages ​​are also made, but such versions of sites often contain much less information.

But that’s not all. After all, traditional consumer marketing is already gradually losing value. People trust advertisements less. Therefore, social marketing appears, during which great attention is paid to working with customers and reviews.

Potential buyers carefully look for the opinions of people who have already used the product or service. And they are looking not only in their native language but also in foreign languages.

For example, all reviews in the eBay online store are in foreign languages. And to understand the quality of the product, you need to know the language at least at the Intermediate level. Of course, you can also order in national online stores, but prices are often lower on eBay or AliExpress.

Knowledge of foreign languages is beneficial not only for consumers but also for marketers themselves. After all, the foreign-speaking advertising and marketing market is developing much faster than the foreign-speaking one. And from it, you can draw ideas and tools that are not yet popular and not practiced in our markets.

It is essential because the market is now developing at an unimaginable pace, and technologies for influencing the audience have become obsolete in just a few years.

The success of an advertising campaign in one country did not depend on the results in another. National languages ​​were still leading in marketing strategies. The band fought for the market in each country.

True, the United States was ahead of other countries in implementing and developing marketing strategies. Gradually, American marketing became a reference, and many European states tried to be equal to it.

Foreign language was not yet the world language of marketing, but it was in it that the vast majority of works on advertising were published. Therefore, those marketers who knew foreign languages automatically got an advantage – they got the opportunity to use a deeper theoretical base.

Bottom Line

The promotion of products in different countries was not connected in any way. If in one country a product became popular and sold remarkably, then in another, it could completely fail and become unprofitable.

For marketing strategies to bring good results, you do not need to focus on one national market because global tools allow you to influence a wider audience, help promote the brand, and maintain its popularity. Learn languages. It will be helpful for an active consumer seeking to choose a quality product and for a marketer promoting it.


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