How Air Compression Therapy Can Help Treat Lymphedema

A relatively new machine for lymphedema is the air compression therapy device of GZ Longest, which helps the lymph vessels inside the arm pump faster and circulate blood and lymph more efficiently. This informative blog article tells you how this treatment can help eliminate swollen, painful limbs and prevent blood clots.

What is Air Compression Therapy?

Air compression therapy is a type of treatment that uses air pressure to help reduce swelling and pain in the body. The therapy is often used to treat lymphedema, which can cause severe swelling in the arms, legs, and other body areas.

Air compression therapy can help relieve these symptoms by reducing swelling in the affected area. Air compression devices use a combination of air pressure and suction to apply pressure to tissues. The devices are available as self-inflating or pump-powered devices.

The treatments are generally safe and effective but may require regular sessions over months or even years. Surgery may sometimes be necessary to remove excess fluid from the lymph nodes or other tissues.

How does it help with lymphedema, venous insufficiency and prevent blood clots?

Air compression therapy (ACT) is a form of physical therapy that uses air pressure to help reduce swelling and inflammation. ACT is most commonly used to treat lymphedema and venous insufficiency and prevent blood clots.

Lymphedema is when the lymph nodes in the body become inflamed and swollen due to the loss of lymph fluid. This can lead to reduced mobility, difficulty breathing, and even disability. ACT can help alleviate these symptoms by reducing swelling and inflammation.

Lastly, preventing blood clots is an important part of treating lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and any other type of vascular disease. ACT helps improve blood flow by relaxing vessels and increasing mobility. By reducing swelling and inflammation, ACT also helps prevent new clots from forming.


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