Helping Someone With Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar is a mental disorder in which the person has mood swings. It shows up as depression accompanied by a manic episode. When the person is depressed, they feel so low, and a blanket of gloom surrounds them. And in a manic episode, they feel euphoric with high energy levels.

Living with bipolar can be challenging as you have to cope with your mood swings. The mood and changing behaviors of a bipolar person might affect everyone around, especially the family members and friends.

During a manic episode, you have to cope with their outrageous demands, irresponsible behavior, and high energy levels. And when it fades, you have to bear its consequences. Often it is accompanied by a depressive phase in which the feeling of hopelessness and despair is mighty. You have to take the responsibility to look after them, at home or work too. However, the good news with bipolar disorder is that medications can help stabilize the mood. But the essential thing is that the patient takes the medicine on time and attends frequent visits with the healthcare provider.

If you have bipolar disorder, you need to visit the doctor time and again. Make sure you do not miss any appointments. Keep a diary with you, and write about your mood in it and how you are feeling. You can take that diary to the healthcare provider, so they know well about your condition. To get an expert opinion, you can consult the Best General Physician in Karachi.

If a bipolar person gets an efficient support system, it can help them a lot. Often they are too sensitive. Therefore you need to be extra caring and loving towards them. Here in this article, we will tell you tips for coping with a person with bipolar disorder.

Being Understanding

When your friend or family with bipolar disorder needs to talk, please make sure you are there. Extend a helping hand and lend them an empathetic ear. Understanding each other is the key to keeping relationships alive and going. Therefore make sure to try your best to understand them. You must understand the very fact that it is not in their hands to control their mood. They do not do that intentionally. And if you do not understand them, it will become even more painful for them. Being happy or having a stable mood is not in their hands. Therefore try to understand them.

Show Patience

The management of bipolar is a lifelong process. You must have a lot of patience to cope with the pace of recovery. It may take a lot of time. Therefore you need to be patient and bear it with peace. Please do not create a fuss and tell the patient to get better as soon as possible. It is not in their hands to stabilize their mood. The medicines may take time to show their effects. Therefore you have to wait and see. However, if medicines are not helping, you can consult with a healthcare provider about it.

Reduce Stress

In all circumstances, try to reduce stress over yourself and other people, especially over bipolar patients. Ask them how you can be of help to them. Try to take their responsibilities and be a helping hand when they can not cope with their duties. Instead of making things difficult for them, try to ease them.

Enforce the person with bipolar to follow the same routine. Help them do that. Cooking meals for them or doing something helpful for them can help reduce stress over them.

Convince Them To Get The Therapy

Convincing a patient with a mental disorder may be an arduous task. But it is not impossible. Gentle and genuine cajoling can help them. You must convince your loved one with bipolar to seek professional help and take all the medicines on time. Make sure that they do not skip any. You must keep a check on them whether they take medicines or not.

To convince them, you can tell them that getting an expert’s help will surely make a difference. And bipolar is a real thing like any other disease. If you take medicines for diabetes, hypertension, or any other condition, then why not for bipolar?

If your loved one has bipolar, please make sure to take them to the doctor. To get an expert opinion, you can visit Best General Physician in Rawalpindi.


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