European Countries with Their King.

We all heard stories about fairy, mermaids, kings, and queens from our parents or grandparents during bedtime in our childhood. There are some storybooks about kings and queens. Even you will find some movies and series featuring the lifestyle of kings, queens, and their kingdom. However, the things we see in films or series are not entirely accurate.

Real kings were way different than the ones we hear from our elders, or we see in films. Although if you look in the records, we will see not all kings were kind-hearted. And at that time, people had no freedom. Not many people know, but there are some countries where kings and queens still exist.

  1. Kingdom of Belgium

Belgium is a beautiful country in Western Europe. Belgium is famous for its beautiful medieval towns and magnificent Renaissance architecture. The capital of Belgium is Brussels. And the king of the Kingdom of Belgium is Philippe. His full name is Philippe Léopold Louis Marie, and he is the first child of Queen Paola and King Albert II. He took the place of this father on 21 July 2013.


  1. Kingdom of Norway

Norway is a peaceful country, and it is full of mountains, deep coastal fjords, and glaciers. Many people know the government for its fantastic skiing and hiking. And since 1991, the king of Norway is Harald V, and he is the only son of Crown Prince Haakon. And the king is one of the members of the House of Schleswig-Holstein.

  1. Kingdom of Denmark

Denmark is complete with beautiful design and architecture, and the food items of Denmark are just mind-blowing. Especially two food items, Hot Dogs and Pork, has all the fame. And the famous country has a queen, and her name is Margrethe II. After her father, King Frederick IX, died on 14 January 1972, she took all the responsibilities. She is the first female monarch of Denmark.


  1. Kingdom of Netherlands

Although the Netherlands is a tiny country, it has all the famous icons of the world. And the most renowned food dish of Netherlands is Poffertjes which is a smaller version of pancakes. And the Alexander of the small country is Willem. He is the eldest son of Princess Beatrix and Claus van Amsberg who received the throne in 2013. He was born on 27 April 1967.


  1. Kingdom of Spain

A lot of things are notable about Spain. Such as wine, food, landscape, and towns. In Spain, all the villages are unique in their ways. And since 2014, Felipe VI is the king of the Kingdom of Spain. On born 30 January 1968, the king was born. And currently, he is 52 years old.

  1. Kingdom of Sweden

Carl XVI Gustaf is the king of Sweden. In 1973 he got the throne after the death of his grandfather. And his age is 75 years.  Sweden has a good amount of fame for its coffee and green spaces. Even the music brands of Sweden are popular.

In total, in the world, 44 states have a king. And the highest number of states are in Asia.






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