Different Types of Lingerie and Styles of Lingerie for Every Body Type

Lingerie! It is one of those words that you often hear and think that you know everything about, but in reality, you’re not sure. Lingerie is an indulgence that every girl deserves. You would be surprised to know that a tiny piece of clothing can set your entire look right! It makes you feel good, happy, and confident.

Your day begins with wearing lingerie and ends right after taking it off. Wearing lingerie that is perfect for your body type is going to make your day rock! After all, the right lingerie will not just make you look good but also desirable, giving you much-needed confidence. So, it’s time that you stock your lingerie collection and get them, in order to bring out the best in you!

Here is a quick highlight of different styles of lingerie according to every body type:

  1. Plus size body

Plus size women have all the right to look sexy and appealing when they choose the lingerie right. Pick up the right one, that suits your skin tone and taste and flaunt your sexy curves while making you feel gorgeous.

  1. Hourglass body

You are blessed to have perfect hips and shoulder proportion with and firmly defined waistline giving you the oh-so desirable hourglass figure! keep in mind that picking the right size will give your breasts the support that they need. Garter belts, corsets, and teddies are some of the top-notch choices and a high-leg panty or a thong can work wonders.

  1. Triangle body

When your hips are wider than your shoulders, you have a triangle body. While a lacy bra will hold your breasts properly, a lacy panty will set your hips right. You can also opt for a ruffled bra and panty set, which is quite trending now, also it levels out your shoulders and hips.

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  1. Bras

Bras can be of various types like padded, non-padded, wired, and non-wired. Based on coverage, they can have demi cups or full cups. Also, according to neckline shape, it can be categorized into various sections. The choices are many. You must know what are you looking for, only then can you get the right bra!

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Turn up the heat with a little extra volume by flaunting your wedding bra in the bedroom. Ensure that you select a size that is right for you and fits perfectly, making you look amazing as always! Always keep in mind the weather while selecting the fabric of your bra.

  1. Panties

Panties have undergone a massive change over time. The right panty will shape your hips and accentuate your figure. If you are planning for a casual outing, then go for a hipster panty or boyshorts. And for that date night, G- strings or thongs will work like a charm!


When it comes to bridal panties, it becomes extremely important to select the right panties, after all, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable on your D-Day. It’s your day. Grab all the attention, while feeling comfortable in your panties. Do take a trial of your bridal panties before wearing them at the main event.

  1. Bra panties set

Bra panties set looks sensuous. This feminine and flirty approach suits all body types as it draws attention to the body and ensemble as a whole, rather than focusing on one specific feature. A good bra panty can significantly add spice to your love life. A lacy or net set, crafted in mesh and lace fabrics, is the perfect choice for your special night. Make your man fall head over heels for you.


When it comes to lingerie, the choices are more than ever before. There are endless opportunities to find pieces that you will adore. Investing in the right lingerie will never disappoint you and will surely pay off!


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