Fun East Coast Cities to Call Home

Has a move to the east coast always been on your mind? Whether you’re someone considering a move for the professional opportunities you might find, or you’re just curious about where you might be happiest, there’s sure to be a city along the coast that you’ll love. Unsure which one might be best for you? Here’s some of the best to consider settling down in.

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

If a great beach town with mild weather sounds unbeatable to you, Virginia Beach might end up being your top choice. There’s so much to love about a beach town, from the boardwalk to the waves, but here there’s also great hiking through gorgeous state parks and nature preserves. So no matter what warm weather way to spend time outside is your favorite, Virginia Beach is sure to be a great choice for you.

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Mix that great climate up with the southern charm you’ll have yourself  a concoction everyone is sure to love. Also worth noting there’s a lower crime rate than average and a job market that’s always doing well. Don’t think of this area just as a tourist stop; it’s a great place to live year round.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The City of Brotherly Love is more than just it’s historical past. Of course, if you’re there, make sure to stop and see where some of the most important events in our history have happened, such as where the signing of the Declaration of Independence occurred. Don’t think the benefits end at being in proximity to where many important moments happened in early American history. 

There’s not only amazing restaurants, coffee shops, and small businesses in each neighborhood, but also a seemingly endless amount of venues to enjoy whatever type of music you might love. For the sports lovers, it’s hard to find somewhere better than Philly. 

It feels as if there’s no other city more passionate for its sports and it’s food. If being among diehard sports fans, with a cheesesteak in each hand, is what you need, browse Philadelphia houses for sale, grab your favorite, and let your city pride fly. 

Portland, Maine

There’s those of us that feel pulled to both the amenities of the city, and the comfort of a small town. With Portland, you don’t have to choose. While around one third of the state lives in this city, it’ll still feel small and cozy for those that crave it. Largely, the industry is fishing and agriculture, so if you’ve ever been curious about those lines of work, Portland might be perfect for you. 

Don’t think that’s all that’s there however; there’s a large tourism industry as well which allows for a stable job market for the locals. For example, it has the most microbreweries per capita which is great for those interested in working in the service industry and those living local, or just visiting, a great place to eat and drink.

Do keep in mind that you’ll likely find a harsher winter here than you would elsewhere, and that also comes with a cooler summer. Certain types of people will be pulled to that, and others might not want to be anywhere this north.

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