Are Bean Bag Chairs Worth It? 5 Facts That Prove They Are!

The majority of shoppers, when they are looking for pieces of furniture to sit on, will usually opt for something that is hardy and stylish.

This search can lead to many people looking for a traditional wooden chair or office chair. But in recent times, it has been found that sitting for hours on end in a rock-hard chair is not going to do your back any good and can lead to issues with your arms being held at the wrong angles. This can increase the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome if you work on a computer all day and can also increase the risk of shoulder injuries. Yikes!

So, this has caused an increase in people investing in bean bag chairs. Yes, you read that right! Many people are choosing to purchase bean bag-based chairs for their home offices, their living rooms, their bedrooms, and indeed their workplaces. Are bean bag chairs worth it? Absolutely! Here are some reasons why.

They Support Your Posture

Remember earlier when hardback chairs were mentioned and bad backs? This is due to these types of chairs holding the spine at an incredibly straight angle and not supporting the posture. Even a huge bean bag chair is better for your back than a wooden chair, as it adjusts to the shape of your spine and your body without forcing you to contort yourself to sit. This leads to fewer incidents of back pain. Great!

They Are Suitable For Everyone

Going back to the example of a hard wooden chair, this will not be suitable for a child, a toddler, or even somebody with mobility-related issues. Bean bag chairs are suitable for absolutely everybody, and best of all, they are comfortable for everybody as they adjust to your shape rather than the other way around.

They Are Easy To Clean

Most people have had the horror of spilling something on a piece of furniture, only to have to pay to have it cleaned professionally. However, most bean bag chairs have a removable outer layer, which is usually washable in a washing machine, or which you can clean with a damp cloth, making them easy and affordable to maintain.

They Are Light!

It is worth noting that the last thing you want to be doing at home or in the office when you shift your workspace is dragging a heavy chair, as this can cause damage to your back and your arms. Because they’re full of light beads, bean bag chairs are easy to move and can even be thrown without causing collateral damage.

Not that you should be throwing chairs around, but the point is valid!

They Are Durable

Along with their lightness and their ease of cleaning, bean bag chairs are also incredibly durable, that is, unless you live with a cat who likes needling or a dog who likes ragging on things! The majority of bean bag chairs can last for many years and, if they become torn, can be easily fixed, making them ideal for the home or the workplace. If the beans themselves spill, they are cheap to replace.


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