5 Tips To Create A Healthy Office

Productivity is closely tied to employee health wellness. When developing operational strategies, neglecting your employees’ health and wellness can adversely affect productivity.

It can also set a precedent for how your business treats and can affect the ability to attract top talents into your workforce. Here are five tips for creating a healthy office.

  1. Invest In Quality Furniture & Flooring

Lower back pain is an issue for over 25 percent of employees in the United States. A recent National Center for Biotechnology Information study cites lower back pain as the most common cause of work-related disability in employees under 45 years. The type of furniture businesses provide for their staff causes a huge part of this worrying statistic. Your employees will face these challenges if your office furniture doesn’t allow them to practice good posture.

Investing in ergonomic office furniture can be a great way to create a healthy environment, especially if your workers work nine to five shifts. Some ergonomic furniture options are adjustable, allowing workers to switch between sitting and standing.

Also, note that prolonged standing puts pressure on the body, ultimately affecting the joints and circulatory system. So it helps to invest in quality flooring and anti-fatigue mats. Understanding anti-fatigue matting is essential to ensure a healthy work environment. They provide a cushioned surface between the floor and the worker, which might assist with better muscle flexing and blood circulation, as opposed to rigid movements that hard concrete floors cause.

  1. Integrate Wellness Into Your Architecture

Office design plays an active role in creating a healthy office. Use a thoughtful office design with enough space for employee mobility. Interior design experts claim that having a mobility-friendly office space can increase the chances of employees bumping into each other, sharing ideas, and improving employee relations.

Other things to consider when planning your office architecture include air quality, light, views, color scheme, etc. These office design elements have endless benefits for overall health and wellness. For instance, exposing your office space to scenic views can reduce susceptibility to fatigue and burnout. The same applies to opening your office up for fresh air. Health experts claim that improving your air quality can improve health and increase productivity by 11 percent.

  1. Invite Plants Into Your Office

Many people love the ambiance plants bring. But the benefits of plants in the office transcend aesthetics. Plants come with various wellness perks. Studies show that people are better off dealing with stress when they’re around nature. Also, plants are known to improve employee focus, helping them be more productive.

In today’s world, where many employees increasingly battle with the threat of mental health, plants can be a sure-fire way of reducing your workforce’s susceptibility to anxiety and depression.

  1. Block Time For Breaks

The world is fast evolving, and many employers increasingly realize that long hours at work don’t guarantee more productivity. Employees should do deep work in multiple short stints throughout the day than forcing a continuous loop with no breaks. Establishing flexible working environments that allow employees to take breaks and naps when tired can reduce sloppiness when performing a task.

  1. Encourage Automation

Employees classify roles that demand repetitive efforts as boring and draining. They want tasks that challenge them to grow and rise through the ranks. You can leverage automation for operational diversity and collaboration at the workplace. Encouraging employees to work together on challenging tasks can stimulate their physical and mental health.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, nearly 90 percent of job seekers consider better health when choosing their desired places of work. And therefore, prioritizing your employees’ overall health and identifying ways by which your office space enables or limits it can never be amiss.


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