10 shocking facts in trucking that will make you buy or start your trucking business

Introduction: Transportation Industry Facts and Figures that Are
Worth Knowing

Transportation is here to stay, the world revolves around it and there is no sign of slowing
down…The transportation industry is a huge part of the global economy. The following are some
facts and figures about the transportation industry that are worth knowing, here are 10 reasons
why you should just start or buy your own transportation business for sale
1. You can start your own business with one truck
2. More woman drivers are joining
3. Average truck workers make 50k a year
4. Average employee drivers 120 thousand miles year
5. Almost 200 thousand injuries a year
6. The average truck driver retires at 67
7. Truck drivers can get fired for one accident
8. Most truck drivers spend more time on the road than with family
9. Over 50% of workers face lower back pain
10. It is a business you can start that doesn’t require a college degree

How to start a transportation business?

Starting a business can be very challenging. You need to consider many factors and make sure
you have all the necessary resources before you take any steps. This article will provide a guide
on how to start a transportation business.
The first thing you need to do is find the best location for your business. It should be in an area
where there is high demand for transportation services, such as near a bus stop or subway
station. You should also try and find an area that has enough parking spaces for your customers
so they can easily access your services.
The next step is finding a vehicle that meets all of your requirements. If you are starting with just
one vehicle, it might not be worth purchasing one that has high mileage or has been in
accidents in the past as this will reduce its value over time. It’s better to buy something new that
has low mileage if possible and make sure it’s insured against damages and theft so you don’t
lose any money if it gets stolen or major accidents.
Third is getting all the necessary permits, dot numbers and business neccestiys like a website,
business number and logo to have on truck.
Fourth is starting to gather connectons via clients, you can find these on platforms like uber
freight or even hiring a freight broker to make things easier.

Is it smart to buy a transportation business?

It is not always easy to find a good business to invest in. When it comes to buying a
transportation business, the risks are higher than when buying other types of businesses.
Buying a transportation business is complicated because it’s hard to predict the future of the
industry and there are many different types of transportation businesses, but you can find many
transportation businesses for sale on bizroutes and websites like bizbuysell, these transpiration
businesses will come to a profitable track record.

Why are people selling transpiration businesses?

The value of a transpiration business is low as demand has been reduced. Moreover, there are
now many companies that provide the same services at decent prices…The company’s
performance is not good as it has been losing its market share. This company does not produce
enough information about its products and is therefore unable to compete with other firms.

Types of loads in trucking:

Trucking is a major industry in the United States, employing nearly 3 million people. It is also an
important part of the economy, generating over $700 billion annually.
There are many types of trucks that can be used for different purposes. The most common type
of truck is the dry van truck. These are often used for shipping or hauling goods from one place
to another. There are also refrigerated trucks and flatbed trucks that use a variety of loading
methods to transport their cargo..here is a list

Dry van loads: A dry van load is a truckload of goods that is not refrigerated. This type of load
can be transported by any vehicle, but it must be kept at a temperature below 50 degrees

Flatbed: A flatbed truck is a truck that carries its load on a flat deck. This type of truck is
typically used for transporting large, heavy objects.

The term “flatbed” can also refer to the type of cargo being transported, such as lumber, steel
coils, or stone slabs.
Flatbed trucks are usually equipped with a hydraulic ramp that allows loading and unloading
without the driver having to leave the vehicle.

Refrigerated loads: Refrigerated loads can be delivered to specific locations all over the
country. You can also use refrigerated loads to transport product from one location to
another.Refrigerated trucking is often used for transporting product that needs to be kept at a
certain temperature. This includes seafood, meats, and dairy products.

Conclusion: Buying a trucking business can be a great investment for someone who is
looking for a low-risk opportunity. A new trucking business owner has to take care of the
day-to-day operations, but does not have to worry about buying or selling trucks. The company
will provide all the necessary equipment and vehicles, and there are no major expenses that are
required to start a trucking business.
Starting a trucking business requires the same amount of capital as buying one, but it gives an
entrepreneur more control over their company’s future, it is important to understand the
complete guide when it comes to starting a business that consist of routes for transportation


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