What Makes Certain Family Law Attorneys Better Than Others?

When a divorce is needed, no couple wants their lives torn apart by the constant fighting and endless court battles. But sometimes, this is a necessary step to resolve critical issues, such as child custody and property division. If you are in this mess, you may want to turn to family law attorneys for assistance.

However, not all family law attorneys are created equal. Some are more qualified than others, and they can certainly charge higher fees. Do you need access to an attorney who charges hundreds of dollars per hour?

When choosing a recommended divorce attorney in Arizona, remember that there are many parameters to consider in making this decision. No single gauge or tool can help make this decision for you. However, this article has considerations and a practical way of analyzing each potential attorney.


Integrity is about having the courage to do what’s right for your client—even when it means going against the grain or taking a stand that may not be popular. If you want to be able to help your clients feel comfortable, you need to show them that you care about their situation and will work hard on their behalf. A good family law attorney will always keep the needs of their clients at the forefront of their minds and make sure they’re getting the best representation possible.


Diligence shows that you’re willing to go above and beyond for your clients. Sometimes that means doing extra work that doesn’t always get paid for by an hourly rate. For example, when one client is having trouble getting child support from another parent, they may ask to write letters or file motions on their behalf to get money owed more quickly. By being diligent about these things, you help clients resolve issues faster.


An attorney knowledgeable about family law can handle your case more efficiently and effectively than an attorney who is not as knowledgeable. Lawyers who have years of experience in a particular area of law know how to use the system to their advantage and win cases. They know what moves to make, what arguments to make, and what evidence to present.

A good family law attorney will handle your case involving divorce or child custody matters and ensure that your case is handled correctly. They’ll know how to deal with all kinds of issues related to these issues, including property division, child support, spousal support, and visitation rights. A good family law attorney will also be able to explain those processes to you to understand what’s going on throughout the process.

Level of Professionalism

Good family law attorneys will treat clients with respect and dignity, whether handling high-profile cases or taking care of small matters like filing for divorce or custody arrangements. They understand every situation is different and will work hard to meet their client’s needs and advise them about any potential issues during proceedings (such as financial obligations).

Additionally, good attorneys are always up-to-date on current legislation affecting families today. It includes knowing all legal issues about child support laws so they can represent their clients’ interests accurately without wasting time gathering information from other sources first.

Should Have Time for You

The best attorneys have time to meet with their clients in person, answer phone or email questions, and return calls promptly. It is essential because it shows that they care about your case and want to ensure it gets done right. It also shows that they understand that your time is valuable and that delays could cost you more money later in court.

Has Courage

Many people do not know how complicated divorce laws can be or how strong they need to protect themselves during this challenging time. Having an attorney who understands these things will give them confidence. They will know they are getting the best representation possible to focus on other aspects of their lives without worrying whether everything is being appropriately handled behind the scenes by their legal representative(s).

Finding a good family law attorney should be the number one priority when going through a divorce. It is the person who will potentially be making decisions regarding your children’s future, marriage, and finances. You want to choose carefully. Call more than one attorney, meet with them before signing up, and make sure that you feel comfortable with the firm before signing any contracts. There are many family law attorneys out there, and some may not specialize in your kind of case.


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