What are the Physical Symptoms of Alcoholism?

Alcohol consumption involves mainly most of the body organs, so there is a slight risk to the body of the excessive drinker. A person who puts himself to excessive drinking may risk his health and can cause serious trouble both mentally and physically to the person. These health conditions that are mentioned below are common for people who are not alcoholics, so these diseases or effects are not only related to alcoholism. These are common symptoms of many problems that are found in human beings.

Here is a list of a few examples of health problems that may tell that person is under the effect of alcoholic disorders:

Liver Inflammation

Liver inflammation is the most common symptom of alcoholic problems; this may also include yellowing of skin and teeth. There might be a problem with urine infections and even yellowing of eyeballs. Long-term use of alcohol may also lead the person to cirrhosis of the liver.

Liver Cirrhosis

This is basically due to excessive alcoholism; the walls of the liver and the liver tissues are damaged. These further cause tiring of the person, and even exhaustion even can cause nausea. The person suffering from liver cirrhosis may lose his appetite and even sex drive.


This is also a common problem related to excessive alcoholism. The results may differ from person to person, as there can be malnutrition deficiency in patients earlier to suffer from malnutrition. Tiredness and weight loss are the most common results of malnutrition.

High Blood Pressure

For people who take alcohol excessively, high blood pressure term out to be a common problem among them. Excessive alcohol raises the triglyceride level in the blood, thus causing high blood pressure. This increases the risk of heart strokes and even heart attacks.


Excessive alcoholism may trouble people in their sleep; there might be disturbed while sleeping. This is insomnia; this would definitely disrupt the normal course of sleep. This problem may also persist for a week even if you leave your alcoholic habits.

Erectile Dysfunction

Excess alcohol intake may affect a person in his married life too. A person who is heavy in alcohol intake may result in sexual dysfunction and even gets difficulty obtaining an erection during sex.

There are a few more problems due to the excess of alcohol; these include:

  • Nerve and brain damage in the individual
  • Bleeding in the esophagus of the person is a common result for the person who consumes excess alcohol
  • Alcohol consumption may also result in breast cancer or even risk women of hormonal problems, and they may have to undergo replacement therapy.

The above-stated problems could be very harmful to health in the long run. So, you must consider leaving alcohol in case you are facing symptoms of any of the above-stated health issues. However, if you are facing any difficulty in leaving alcohol, getting into rehab will most certainly help you. Rehabs can truly provide you with an individualized treatment experience that explores the underlying issues of a patient’s addictions. By understanding these issues, patients are better equipped to deal with them. You can consider taking help from the centers like rehab facilities at WhiteSands that not just offer the best treatment programs but also encourage patients to form healthy habits and hobbies like swimming, exercise, yoga, and also a life skills guide to make sure they stick to a healthy routine and do not relapse.

There is a note of caution that you should definitely consider; all the above-mentioned problems and deficiencies may be a result other than the excess of alcohol. These conditions can really become life-threatening, so consulting your doctor is the best advice. Simply leaving alcohol consumption is not going to help you.

Besides these results of excessive alcoholism, there are some physical problems too that make an impact on appearance. These cases need proper recovery, and on-time safety measures need to be taken apart from leaving excessive alcoholism.


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