Tips For Successful Meeting

There is an opinion that virtual rallies are ineffective compared to real ones.

In this article, we will show you how to organize and make an online team meeting fruitful so that you don’t miss anything and keep your team’s productivity indicators at a reasonable level. Nowadays, when digital marketing becomes an integral part of our lives, creating and managing online meetings becomes necessary. 

So, let’s go through the steps you need to complete to organize a meeting.

Set a Goal and Make a Plan

A well-defined goal and plan will ensure high productivity during the meeting, allow you to stay on course, and avoid confusion.

The plan is often the goal, and this is one of the most common mistakes. For example, discussing new business development ideas is not the goal. The goal, in this case, is to generate a list of potentially successful ideas.

Another example: finding a solution to a problem is the ultimate goal. And the plan, based on this, could be as follows:

  1. Conduct a brainstorm.
  2. Discuss solutions.
  3. Choose a potentially winning one.
  4. Outline ways to implement it.

In the plan, it is also desirable to fix essential points that must be discussed with the team.

Set a Timing and Stick to It

Based on the purpose and plan of the online meeting, make a more or less realistic timing. There is no need to shorten it and strive to finish the conference faster, especially if you understand that the topic is extensive and requires long discussions. You can set the timing with various automation tools.

Your staff may schedule other online meetings with email marketing and important activities immediately after the meeting, which can cause attendees to become distracted by going beyond the allotted time.

Be as Involved In the Process

Try to listen carefully to each team member, show that you are interested in his opinion, and respond to his remarks. 

Involve those participants who are a little removed from the discussion.

Create a friendly and cohesive atmosphere: for example, at the beginning of the meeting(whether the discussion is about marketing, supermarket management, or else), ask the interlocutors to “check in” – to answer a simple question that is not related to work (for example, what exciting event happened to them yesterday).

Make sure that the participants or employees in the meeting speak in turn – this is at least required by etiquette, but you will also avoid communication problems. Turn off the microphone if it’s not your turn to speak—sometimes, even the slightest rustling of papers or the tapping of a keyboard is enough to disturb the other participants’ concentration.


In closing, there is a slightly different approach to workshops, but the same and vital is the responsibility in preparation. Let’s summarize the above and list the checklist items that you need to complete to conduct a productive online meeting:

  • Define a goal, objectives and make a plan,
  • Choose the right time
  • Set timing and stick to it,
  • Schedule a meeting and notify all attendees.


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