Things to Remember While buying Men shoes: 

Men’s shoes play an important role in any Man’s personality. If you are dressed up properly but your shoes are not up to the mark, it will ruin your complete look in just seconds. Shoes are important and everyone should pay attention to the little details. It’s the fact that men mostly are not concerned about their details, the shoes, the accessories, socks, etc. all they care about is jeans, shirts, and Vlone Jackets. But a person who is concerned about shoes is a little more sophisticated and you can judge him by the choice of his shoes. You might have heard about many big men’s shoe brands, Vlone shoes is one of them. Vlone shoes is a shoe brand that offers shoes for even an average man. You can find unique designs, styles, comfortable, affordable, and most durable shoes. 

Vlone shoes is an online shoe store where you can find shoes for men of every age. 

Buying men’s shoes is an art, there are things that you should keep in mind while buying men’s shoes. In the article below I am going to discuss the important things to consider while buying a pair of shoes this season. 

So let’s have a look. 

Select the right size…

While buying a pair of shoes for yourself, the most important thing to consider is “size”. Always make sure that you are buying the right size. For doing so, take your toe to ankle measurements. Take a paper and pen and stand on the straight surface over plain white paper. Now sketch your foot. Remove it now, and take inches of tape, measure it correctly. Once you have got the right size of your feet, now you can easily match it with different size charts available in shoe markets or online stores. Select the right size that is fit and most comfortable for your feet. 

Oversized shoes look awkward, same goes for a small one. You walk awkwardly if you are not wearing the right size and hence a shoe size can ruin your whole personality. 

Select the type of shoes: 

Many online shoe stores including vlone shoes offer a huge variety of shoes. Sometimes this big number of shoes makes you confused and you find it difficult to select one good pair for yourself. That is why It is important to decide what type of shoes you are looking for. Casual, formal, or sportswear? Once you have decided on the category it becomes easy for you to select the right pair of shoes Vlone Store

Prefer Quality over Price… 

You don’t need to compromise on the quality of shoes. No matter if the shoes are on sale and you are getting them at half price. Before buying them, always check the quality and material of the shoe. Wear it twice or thrice to check if they are comfortable, fit for feet or not? Sometimes people focus on the prices and quantity of the shoes, which is not right. I would suggest you spend some extra dollars but always buy shoes that are of high quality and super comfortable for your feet. 

Always go for brands… 

There are tons of online stores that are selling local shoes. Local shoes might look attractive at the first glance but usually, they are not durable at all. That’s why I always recommend buying shoes from good shoe brands like vlone shoes. 

Branded shoes might cost more money, but it is a one-time investment. As they follow the latest fashion trends, they are comfortable and most durable. Once you have invested in the right pair of shoes, now you can wear them for decades. 


No matter if you are buying shoes from vlone shoes or any other brand, always consider the mentioned important things. These tips might look simple but they can create a great impact on your shoe shopping. 

Every man must have a good shoe collection. A pair of formal, casual, and sportswear is a must. How many shoe pairs do you have in your wardrobe right now? If you want to upgrade your shoe collection then head towards vlone shoes and have affordable shoe shopping. 



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