These strong passports can offer you visa-free travel.

People need a passport to get visas from different countries, a pass from that country’s government to get in that country. People commonly apply for access to explore various countries and cultures for education purposes or medical treatments.

A strong passport means how many countries you can travel to without a visa or have visa-on-arrival access. It simply means passports that have fewer restrictions. For wanderlust people, this means freedom. You could easily travel to any country without applying for a visa and waiting for months to get that visa approves in case of emergencies. The number of countries you’d get to travel to without a visa depends on points called the visa-free scores. The Henley Passport Index is an annual ranking of passports that assigns these points by comparing and ranking passports. According to them, the five strongest passports of 2021 are:

  1. The Person who holds a Japanese passport can visit 191 destinations
  2. A Singaporean enjoys 190
  3. About South Korean and German, it is189
  4. Some other European countries like Italy, Spain, Finland, Luxembourg are open for 188 nations.
  5. Afterwards, Denmark and Austria come with 187.

One destination is equal to one point, which means Japan has 191 points making it the strongest passport in the world. The strength of the passport for Germany and South Korea is the same since they have an equal number of issues. And, so for the power of the passport of Denmark and Austria.

For a country to have a strong passport, they first need to ensure that they have good economic strength and government policies. Like, a good standard of living and a government that meets society’s need using the resources at their disposal. The country needs to maintain a stable relationship with other countries and ensure that no immigrants are illegally seeking jobs or any human and drug trafficking. Only when the nations are deemed safe enough would they gain the points which would strengthen the passport.

Advantages of having these passports:

For three subsequent years, Japan had maintained the top ranks position. A person having a Japanese passport can access 191 countries visa-free. Though right now, there would be some restrictions on visiting some countries due to pandemic and other travel bans varying from country to country.

Last year, Singapore was in the first position, but this year it dropped down to the second, giving free access to explore 190 countries. Both Singaporean and Japanese passport holders have easy entry to the four largest economies: India, China, European Union, and the United States.


Germany and South Korea both shared the second position last year, along with Finland. A German passport holder could efficiently work and live in the EU without any troubles.

A Finnish passport holder, along with Sweden and France, has the right of residence and free movement in Switzerland and the European Union.

Overall, it is a blessing for the people who have access to solid passports. They would face fewer hassles by immigrant officers and would have a smooth immigration process than citizens of countries like Syria and Lebanon.


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