The Ultimate Guide to Gambling Terms and Phrases for 2022

While gambling is a very popular pastime for many people worldwide, it can be intimidating to some. This fear doesn’t only come because they are not familiar with how to play a particular game but also because of the lingo. There are many gambling terms that people are not familiar with, and it’s very difficult to jump on the bandwagon unless you do a bit of research into what each of these terms means. What would happen if you don’t know the vocabulary yet get an important keyword in the middle of the game? See? It’s perfectly normal that people feel insecure and scared of online casinos. That is why we have come up with this guide to gambling terms that each player should know about, and you can choose if you want to familiarize yourself only with the basics or go one step further.

Basic gambling terms and phrases

If you’re a newbie, or you simply want to familiarize yourself with the most popular gambling terms and phrases, you should first get to understand the basic notions:


A jargon term that is used to describe the extra number of chips that players can buy during a tournament.


Bankroll refers to the money that a player has to set aside to gamble. Bankroll is very important to professional gamblers.


Bet is a single wager of money on a gambling game. During a single game, multiple bets can be allowed.


Balance is the amount of money in the account of the player. The balance is for the player to use to make bets and play games.

Beginner’s luck

In terms of gambling, this very intuitive phrase refers to the new players who might have a winning streak when they start playing. 

Maximum bet (Bet Max)

The bet max is the maximum amount of money a player can place on a game.


The bets a player is forced to take in Hold’EM Poker are called blinds. In this case, the bet is usually two but can sometimes be up to three.


Bonus is an incentive that is offered to players in order to attract them to an online casino and encourage them to play, change their routine and eventually increase their chances of winning. This is an incentive that usually comes in the form of cash. It would be good to familiarize yourself with different types of bonuses if you’re new at playing games at an online casino.


This term is used to call to match the current bet and is most typically used in Poker games. It’s also very often followed by someone else raising the existing stake.


Chips are tokens that represent money and are used to make bets. These tokens can come in many different denominations.

Classic slots

Another term for classic slots is “fruit machines”. These three-wheel slots resemble the first slots.


The casino employee in charge of dealing the cards to the players is called a dealer.


The deposit is the sum of money that players need in their accounts to play.

Deposit methods

Deposit methods are the range of payment options that players have to fund their casino accounts. These vary from casino to casino.

Double down

A bet of equal size to an initial bet is called a “double down”.

Face cards

Any card with a face on it, such as jacks, queens and kings, is called a “face card”.

Free spins

The spins that a player wins that were not paid for are called free spins. These are also known as “extra spins” or “casino spins”.


A “freeroll” is a tournament in poker or video slots that doesn’t require the player to pay an entrance fee. Even so, cash prizes and incentives can still be won.


Game of the Year


An abbreviation for “Good game”. This abbreviation is used for many games, not only at an online casino.

High roller

A player who is ready to spend large sums of money at an online casino is called a “high roller”. It’s important to know that each casino has different qualifications to consider a player a “high roller”.


The largest available prize on a slot machine is called a jackpot. It’s also important to know that a progressive jackpot is a slot machine that has a prize that increases progressively with every play.


Payline is a term used for slot machines where reels or a line result in a win. Most commonly, this is a combination of different symbols.

Return-to-Player percentage (The payout percentage)

Also known as RTP, this is the amount that will be paid back to players over an amount of time. This term is purely theoretical.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

The RNG is a device that is used to produce unpredictable and random numbers using a multi-stage process to ensure that the outcome is actually random.


The column where slot symbols are presented to give winning combinations is called a reel. This is most commonly a column, but they can come in different forms in some cases.

Tapping Out

The situation when a player is done playing, and betting is called “tapping out”. This term also refers to when a player has completely lost their bankroll.


Now that you know what the most common gambling terms and phrases mean, it’s time for you to relax and join an online casino to practice. Even though you will not come across most of these terms, it’s always good to have them all in one place. Good luck!


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