Sharing Some Tips For Playing Gourd Now

Bau Cua is definitely one of the games that attracts the most players today. However, there are still many people who do not know the tips for playing crab to be able to win. If you do not know about the tips of playing Bau Cua, please follow our article below to apply it in the game

Introduction to the Category of Tiger Crab Gourd

First, if you want to understand how to play fish, let’s learn about the origin of this game.

Gourd crab, shrimp, fish is a popular folk game on Tet holidays or festivals. This game is usually not limited to players so people often gather together for entertainment.

Bau crab is a folk game that has appeared for a long time, this is one of the games often held during Tet holidays in Vietnam. The game of crabs originated in China, with a simple way of playing and no limit on the number of players in a casino, so it has attracted a lot of players in this subject. Currently, the sport of crab is also spread to many countries around the world, and in any country it also attracts a lot of people.

Going through the development stages, now Bau Cua has been put into an online game to serve players who can play anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to gather at any place to play crab game anymore, now you just need a computer or a smartphone with an internet connection to be able to enjoy this game forever.

Each different country will transform the crabs, shrimps and fish into different mascots to suit the specific culture of that country. Let’s take a look at some mascots in some countries to better understand

  • Chinese mascots are: gourd – crab – fish – chicken – shrimp – money
  • British mascots are: crown – anchor – muscle – dragonfly – spade
  • Thailand’s mascot is: gourd – crab – fish – chicken – shrimp – tiger
  • The mascots of Vietnam are: gourd – crab – fish – chicken – shrimp – deer

Share tips to play Bau Cua properly

To be able to win when participating in playing Bau Cua in real life or playing with online bookies, Players need to know some tips to play Bau Cua to avoid scams to have a chance to win. winning part. Please follow our sharing to choose the most suitable way to play

Choose a medium sized table

When deciding to play Bau Cua, you should choose tables with a moderate number of players, not tables with few players or too many players. According to the longtime experience of the players, if the number of players is too much, it may be the arrangement of the house to play in order to bring players into a whirlpool and lead to loss while playing. And if the players are too few, it will not create excitement when betting. So, choose tables with a moderate number of players to help you easily observe and feel more comfortable

Do not follow the crowd

Following the crowd actually only has the usual winning percentage, not helping you to win more. Sometimes when you are black, you can follow the crowd for a few games to solve black. However, to be able to win, you should trust your experience

Choose the right bookie

Currently, on the betting market, there are many bookies that use cheating devices in the game of crabs. If players do not carefully understand and participate in playing at these bookies, they will ensure that players will never have the opportunity to win victory. To be able to play safely without worrying about being cheated, you should learn carefully about the house before joining the game.

If you have not found a reputable bookie to participate in betting at Bau Cua, please visit the Jun88 house portal immediately. This is the leading reputable bookmaker in the world in the field of online betting and is fully licensed with relevant legal documents in this field

Remember the sides of the crab’s gourd

This is one of the ways to play crab with a very high win rate. Each dice will have 4 faces, players only need to remember the opposite and adjacent faces from which they can calculate the result of the next opening.

For example, we can rely on the calculation of experts and experienced experts in this field.

  • Result of the first shovel: 2 Gourds – 1 Crab -> After placing Shrimp or Crab, the winner wins.
  • The result of the first shovel is: 2 Gourds – 1 Chicken -> The next game you place Baus, you win.
  • First time shoveling results: 2 Crab – 1 Gourd -> After placing Shrimp, win.
  • First time shoveling result: 2 Shrimps – 1 Gourd-> After placing Nai, win.
  • Result of the first shovel: 2 Fish – 1 Deer -> After placing Shrimp, you win.
  • Result of the first shovel: 2 Chickens – 1 Gourd -> The next game you place Fish, you win.
  • Result of first shoveling out: 2 Chickens – 1 Fish -> The next game you place Baus, you win.
  • Result of first shoveling: 2 Deer – 1 Fish -> After placing Chicken or Deer, win

Mastering the methods of playing fish, crabs and shrimps

In order to have a way to beat crabs without losing players, you need to know the following effective methods :

  • In addition to the tips that can help players win in the game Bau Cua, players can also apply some of the following methods while playing the game.
  • Raising a single pair of capacitors: Using this method will help players reduce the loss rate. To be able to use this method, you need to have capital and a reasonable bet
  • Raising capacitors in a quick way: This method requires you to have a fairly large number of volts to follow this method.

Keep your mind up

Whether you’re winning or losing, players need to keep a calm mind

Do not let any action spoil your psychology while gambling. This is also a very important factor for all players when betting on any game

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Observe how to bet

While playing, you need to observe the best bets as well as observe who wins the most through betting games, If you are in a situation where you do not know which hand to bet, you can follow the player win many. The person who wins a lot is probably a player with a lot of experience in this subject, follow them for a chance to win when playing Bau Cua.

Above are the tips for playing Bau Cua that the house we want to send to all members here. With our useful information, we will help you a lot while betting at the bookie as well as playing in real life. Wish players always have moments of fun entertainment and win a lot of wins


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