Pocket Money is enough to own a Coffee Machine Nowadays

Only a coffee lover can understand the moral worth of a cup of coffee. If you are a coffee fan, you must know how much it matters to have a cup of coffee in the morning. However, drinking a cup from a good cafe may cost around $2 at least. A rough calculation of a coffee freak is he spends around $5 to $10 on drinking coffee daily. Hence, in a month, that person spends $150 at least for the purpose.


How much Does It Cost Monthly?

Are the coffee beans so expensive? Do we need to spend a lot on sugar and milk? The answer is no, absolutely not. We need to do all we need to do without thinking about saving a few amounts in our bank: eventually, you have to end up buying the things you need. It is entirely okay to have coffee from a cafe if you are outside of the home. But when you are home, you can have the same quality drink by diverting your mind.


You can buy 40 ounces of coffee beans for $20, which is more than enough for a small family. About sugar and milk, you know the prices. But, the things we think are hassling and expensive is the grinder and machine. After owning these, your expenditure may decrease down to $40.


Here are some coffee machines, which cost less than $100 but work tremendously.



Krups has always presented amazing machines for both house and restaurant uses. The KM550D50 model is such a fantastic performer for your compact family. The design comes up with a grinder also. So, you don’t need to think about crushing beans with another instrument. You can enjoy the service of this machine for one long year without fixing or replacing anything. Though the design is for household purposes, yet you can set it to your office cabin. You can expect 30 cups in a day by using Krups new adventure.

And the price is as low as $90.



Another promising company in the coffee machine industry is Keurig. This time we are disclosing their best model for the personal purpose, the ultimate K-classic. It serves in a single cup, so if you are thinking about setting it in your small office, the idea may go wrong. But, if it is in your kitchen or personal cabin, it will be appreciable. However, you can expect 25-30 cups in a day, and it will serve you for at least one year without showing any difficulty.

The price of Keurig’s this model is max $80, which is quite a lot for a year.



The recognition of Bodum is less than others in this industry. But, they produce exceptional products for coffee lovers. And, this time, they are with their $40 french press machine. The complexity is you need to buy a grinder apart. But ground beans are available to purchase. You can have 12 ounces in a single-serve, and the vital fact is, you don’t need to worry about the paper filter. The elements of this machine are stainless steel. So, if you are a beginner or traveler, this french press is an ideal option you can get.


These are today’s disclosures for coffee lovers who love to have their handmade coffee.


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